Natural Marvelous Tea Tree Oil

An all-natural product with some remarkable medicinal properties, tea tree oil is produced by steaming the leaves of the tea tree and then wringing out and capturing the oil. A natural antiseptic with germicide, fungicide and antibacterial properties it can facilitate healing of fungal, bacterial and viral infections. An added bonus is that it can even help heal ones that became resistant to other antibiotics. It is an outstanding remedy for hundreds of skin disorders, from sunburn to acne, abscesses to blisters, warts to athlete’s foot, and rashes to insect bites. It can even help successfully treat dry scalp and dandruff as well as kill head lice. Because of its wonderful antiseptic and antifungal properties, tea tree oil is used in many bath and body products.

For disinfecting areas that could be harboring bacteria and viruses, it is naturally great. The extract can be added as a deodorizer to cleaning solutions or laundry. It has been flaunted as a natural remedy for curing anything from the common cold and flu, to treating ringworm and head lice. However, as a skin care product the real benefits of tea tree oil become obvious.

It is a completely natural treatment for acne that is either non-inflammatory or inflammatory. Acne treatment ointments are available that contain the oil and can be very helpful in clearing existing acne and preventing new bouts. Applied directly and left on overnight, it aids a person’s immune system to destroy bacteria and consequently, will reduce or eliminate inflammation.

Using shampoo that contains tea tree oil gives a natural way to thoroughly cleanse the hair and scalp and treat dandruff, and as a conditioner, it helps sooth scalps and keeps hair shiny and manageable. Foot sprays or powders that contain tea tree oil will help to cure athlete’s foot. It is also available in antiseptic creams, as well, and these can help to relieve minor skin irritation caused by sunburn or rashes, cuts, burns or abrasions, and painful insect bites.

In toothpaste it is used to help thoroughly clean and whiten the teeth without being harsh and abrasive. As a liquid soap it is a fantastic personal cleaning agent that is great for providing an antiseptic cleaning with antibacterial and antifungal properties that cleans without drying out the skin.

There are numerous uses for the oil because of its amazing healing, antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal qualities, but it works particularly well as a bath and body product additive. Because it is so versatile in treating skin disorders and helping a person to keep healthy, glowing skin, tea tree oil should be found in every single household.

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