Winning Romantic Ideas for Men and Women for this Valentine’s Day

So Christmas broke you, but that doesn’t mean Valentines Day has to! One of the reasons why we like Valentines Day so much is because you can make somebody feel good and share your love without going into debt.

There are many thoughtful romantic gift ideas you can try this year. There are traditional ideas like giving a bouquet of a dozen red roses, chocolates, perfume, jewelry, or a romantic candle lit dinner with a bottle of a red wine of a good vintage.

We would like to make Valentines Day a little bit more fun and interesting this year with our list of unique romantic gift ideas.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Men

  • Cut a piece of hot pink paper into the shape of a heart and write a special message with your lipstick and tape it on the bathroom mirror for your honey to see on Valentines Day morning.
  • Put a handful of your candy hearts with your favorite little lovely saying into his coat pocket before he goes to work.
  • Spray an intimate item with your favorite perfume and put it in his briefcase or on the rear view mirror of his car or truck.
  • Make some heart shaped cookies and put them in his lunch.
  • When he comes home from work, create a rose petal path to the scent filled bathroom where you will be and soaking near the candle light with a glass of champagne, letting him know you’re getting ready for a romantic evening.
  • Leave a book on making love on tantric sex on the bed open to your favorite position.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Women

What do women want? It should come as no surprise that women love to shop and women love presents. If you have been married for some time, your wife will love being reminded that you still think about her daily and care for her deeply.

Now don’t be chintzy. Go full-bore romantic. As we know, sometimes Cupid’s arrow can miss its target. There are still many men that think that the houseware item they saw on sale in the paper will make their sweetheart swoon on Valentines Day, but sadly they are mistaken.

  • We all know that women love to shop. A gift certificate to her favorite online store is a gift idea that will make her heart swoon.
  • Women are emotional. They appreciate non-commercial gestures as well, so write a love letter. Women love all that sappy stuff. A love letter with heartfelt sentiments that is hand written will touch her deeply. And the best part is, it won’t cost you a dime, other than your time.
  • Is there anything in particular that you honey likes to collect? Acquiring an object to add to her collection can be a very meaningful and personal Valentines Day gift idea.
  • A gift of service. If she is always the one to clean the house, give her a gift certificate for a weekend’s worth of vacuuming, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, and cooking dinner. Ladies need to be pampered. Make sure you don’t forget to open the door for her and say, “Ladies first,” at every opportunity.
  • If you really want to go overboard, offer to paint her toenails or brush her hair.
  • Sexy lingerie is the perfect present because it will please both of you at the same time, not only her. The variety of sexy lingerie from which you can choose is staggering. There’s bustiers, there’s corsets, babydolls, matching sets, chemises, cami garters, tankinis, rhumba panties, garter skirts, g-strings, thongs, lowrise panties, boyshorts. You can purchase most of these items adorned with rhinestones, hearts, lace, sequins, ruffles, ribbons, cherries, bows, and marabou feathers.
  • Now let’s not forget the lingerie accessories that really complete a sexy lingerie ensemble, such as feather ticklers, rhinestone whips, padded handcuffs, thigh highs, cuban heel stockings, back seamed fishnet stockings, shapers, girdles, pantyhose,
  • Women love sexy shoes to go with their sexy lingerie. You’ll find marabou boudoir slippers, rhinestone mules, sexy stilettos, platform shoes and sexy costumes for fantasy play in red and pink with hearts galore.

I know it sounds like a lot of options. But, remember…a girl needs her options. Your special lady will appreciate your romantic gesture (and so will you!).

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