What is alt text and how do I write it for jewelry? — Sharon Z Jewelry

What is alt text and how do I write it for jewelry? — Sharon Z Jewelry

Ok jewelers and metalsmiths – you’ve created a attractive body of work, photographed it, and created a site.

Now it is time to make it a lot more available.

I heart alt textual content so significantly. It is a potent tool website accessibility. Whilst alt textual content is not the only software at your disposal to make your site accessible, it is an crucial a single.

It truly is Ok if you didn’t know about this crucial component of your internet site in advance of now. Below is a guideline to what it is, why you want it, and how to generate it. 

(Author’s notice – if you are presently familiar with alt textual content, scroll down to the How to Write It and The place to Place It sections.)

Alt text is the little bit of textual content that you use to describe an image on your website. At times it is also referred to as an alt attribute, or alt tags. All main eCommerce platforms have a spot for you to include alt textual content.

How it will work – a person with a visible impairment requires and desires to use a internet site. In buy to do so, they use a display screen reader that reads the web page out loud. When it hits an graphic on the webpage, it doesn’t skip it, it reads regardless of what description you’ve supplied it.

This is what alt text is principally for – to offer descriptions of your images.

Other folks who require alt textual content incorporate individuals with confined web bandwidth – ever have super gradual internet that will not load photographs? Obtaining alt text there will help you figure out if there is vital details in those people pics.

Oh! And alt textual content is super helpful to anyone who employs image blockers in their email. If photos aren’t loading, it is critical to describe them.

Why you want it

There are loads of good reasons, but the most vital motive is that accessibility and inclusivity enable everybody navigate the world-wide-web.

For us as smaller organization homeowners, there are also realistic reasons why we need to have alt textual content. And there are no downsides to including it to your web site.

Motive #1 – Having a web-site that is inaccessible signifies that you are likely leaving funds on the desk. Following all, if anyone are not able to use or navigate your site, then they also cannot obtain from you.

Motive #2 – All of the textual content that’s on your web page is searchable through lookup engines like Duck Duck Go, Mozilla, Google, etc. You give oneself your very best benefit if you have fantastic details on your web page. And this signifies getting searchable text on your pictures.

Purpose #3 is my possess – I take into consideration accessibility to be a standard facet of jogging a web-site, and I attempt to make mine as obtainable as I know how to.

How to compose it

Alt textual content has one particular objective, and multiple advantages and it is main intent is to be read by men and women, not bots.

So any time you publish alt textual content, believe about what one more individual demands to know about the image.

Finest Methods

  • Set yourself into the head of a consumer browsing for jewelry.

  • Assume about how they would explain it, and try to solution their issues.

  • Is it the substance? The shape? The stone? If it is proven on an ear?

  • Use keywords sparingly, and make absolutely sure that they are appropriate to the picture.

  • Be descriptive and do not count on an more mature web follow of “search term stuffing” *

  • Hold your alt text less than 150 characters or 12 phrases so that they are understandable and readable.


Right here is a picture of some earrings. The alt text reads “oxidized silver eye-shaped stud earrings on a steel slab”.

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