What Are the Common Symptoms of Blocked Drains?

A blocked drain are created by a blockage in a drain pipe connected to your home through your bathrooms, toilets, laundry & kitchen.

The most common cause of drain becoming clogged are from large objects being flushed. Drains are not designed to cope with large object including:

  • Sanitary Products
  • Baby Wipes
  • Toilet Deodorant block holders
  • Etc…

Other causes of blockages are Tree Roots. Tree roots find their way through into pipes through the crack or joints of pipes & through breaks in the pipe wall.

What are the signs or symptoms?

There are many different causes of blockages. The most common symptoms or signs include:

  • Water is filling up in the shower. Only after you get out of the shower you notice the water starting to retreat.
  • The toilet seems to continue to fill up and takes a while for the water levels to draw back to normal
  • Your getting some bad smells & odours wafting through the house, kitchen, bathrooms or laundry

There are also many causes of drainpipes becoming clogged up. Some of the most common symptoms of signs of a blocked drain pipe include

  • The water level is growing when you run the tap in the sink. You come back a few minutes later and notice the water levels on starting to drop
  • You flush the toilet however the waste does not disappear. You come back several minutes later to notice the water levels have only gone down by half
  • You look outside only to notice there is an overflow

Recommendations for a Plumber for people living in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

There are many good plumbers in Melbourne that are more than capable of assisting you properly without breaking the bank.

I suggest you check the plumber out before you give them a call as proper insight into your problem & the solution needed can potentially save you thousands in future plumbing bills.

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