We Couldn’t Help but Admire These Talented Make-up Artists

The world of make-up is full of creativity, and so many options that the sky is the limit. And every now and then, there is a make-up trend that everyone is jumping on, such as bold lipstick or colorful eyeshadows, not to mention the no make-up look. But there are a few talented make-up artists who have their own signature look and have undoubtedly mastered each trend that we felt needed to be highlighted and shown to the world, and we couldn’t help but admire these talented make-up artists.

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10 talented Egyptian make-up artists to keep an eye out for: 

1. Alaa Abdelwareth

Alaa Abdelwareth, a certified make-up artist, is well-known for her simple make-up work. What I like about her work is that she doesn’t try to hide your features, and when she’s finished, you look in the mirror and wonder, “Who is that?” 

Alaa Abdelwareth’s Signature: Her work emphasizes your natural beauty more. Her beach bridal looks caught our eye. They’re simple and include a lot of natural colors. 

2. Sara Erian

Sara Erian, every bride’s favorite make-up artist, is known for making every girl’s special day feel like a princess by perfecting her make-up look; we’ve also seen some of her work on the red carpet at Gouna’s film festival in 2020. 

Sara Erian’s Signature: Her technique is fantastic in that she customizes each make-up look to your style rather than using a single make-up look for everyone. If you have a wedding or engagement party coming up and want a make-up artist who will highlight your natural beauty, Sara Erian is without a doubt the best choice.

3. Fatima Elasmar

She will make you have edgy cheekbones even if you don’t have any. You’ll see some looks with bold smoky eyes and some with the simplest make-up look ever; we love it when a make-up artist can do it all. Fatima Elasmar is your gal if you want a make-up look that will highlight your cheekbones and give you a bold eyeshadow!

Fatima Elasmar’s Signature: She is well-known for her highlight game!

4. Rania Saad 

I’m sure we’ve all seen the latest photoshoot for the stunning actress Bassma, and if you’re wondering who the talented make-up artist behind this flawless look is, it’s Rania Saad. She is a self-taught make-up artist who specializes in bridal make-up. Her make-up looks speak for themselves, and the fact that she taught herself makes her even more talented.

Rania saad’s signature: She always keeps her lipstick game simple, such as in neutral colors, and avoids using bold colors.

5. Mariam Farouk

Mariam Farouk is another self-taught make-up artist we adore.  If you want to step out from your usual make-up looks or try something new, book a session with Mariam Farouk and get out your head-turner outfit to go with your sexy make-up look and you’re ready to go out with the girls for a girls night out.

Mariam Farouk’s Signature: her make-up looks are all about bold eyeliners and eyeshadow colors, and her make-up looks are so daring.

6. Agnieszka Hoscilo

Agnieszka Hoscilo is a make-up artist and hairstylist who is not your typical. Her make-up style is more similar to an art portrait. The majority of her work is for fashion photoshoots; she is able to transfer the model’s face so well that it is sometimes difficult to tell who she is. Agnieszka Hoscilo is a creative, talented make-up artist/hairstylist who will fit the job if you have a fashion brand or plan to start one.

Agnieszka Hoscilo’s Signature: Her work is not something you see every day; it is aimed at creative people who want to stand out from the crowd. 

7. Nour Rizk

Nour Rizk is another self-taught make-up artist who has made a name for herself in the make-up industry;  We saw her work on Mayan El Sayed, which we loved because it showcased her outgoing personality. Another thing Nour Rizk is known for is her Halloween make-up looks, and with Halloween coming up next month, if you want a spooky look to go with your costume, definitely consider Nour Rizk!

Nour Rizk’s Signature: One of the things I noticed about her work is that she can make your brows look amazing, with the best combination with a nice eyeshadow to compliment the eye makeup look! 

8. Aya Abdelhamid

Aya Abdelhamid is a certified makeup artist who we love, from her work to her personality, and she has this amazing segment called “Tuesday Tip” where she gives you make-up tips to help you up your make-up game.  She did a lot of make-up for celebrities such as Mona Zaki and Hend Sabry. She occasionally gives live make-up classes, so keep an eye on her Instagram account for when she announces the next one so you can attend. 

Aya Abdelhamid’s Signature: Aya is known for her flawless eyeliner game, which we wish we could master!

9. Shariff Tanyous

Shariff Tanyous proves that the make-up industry is not only for female artists but also for men. And you can easily recognize his work. Maybe it’s because his make-up eye game is amazing or because he’s naturally talented, but we adore him! He is a certified make-up artist, and we’ve seen his stunning work on a number of celebrities.

Sharrif Tanyous’s Signature:  It’s as if he has a signature way of transforming you, but I’m not sure what how, it’s just magical. 

10. Mariam Makhlouf 

Mariam Makhlouf is every bride’s favorite make-up artist. She makes every bride look like a queen on her wedding day. She always keeps her lip make-up simple and all the drama in her eye make-up. Mariam Makhlouf is your go-to make-up artist if you’re a bride-to-be looking for a simple look without a kilo of make-up on your face.

Mariam Makhlouf’s Signature:  Mariam only does bridal make-up, and we love how simple her work is.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @sharifftanyous, @mariammakhlouf, @alaaabdelwareth, @bysaraerian, @agneshkah, @ayaabdelhamid