UFC fighters and staff mourn death of longtime makeup artist Suzy Friton

One of the longest tenured and most beloved members of the UFC staff, Suzy Friton, died this past week.

Friton was the UFC’s makeup artist since October 2006, and for nearly 15 years was a key player behind the scenes in ensuring the athletes and other on-air personalities for a broadcast were camera-ready for the world to see.

After overcoming two previous battles with stage 2 breast cancer, Friton was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in March 2020 and died this past Thursday after conditions worsened throughout this year.

Although Friton seemingly understood the reality of her situation, which she explained during a podcast interview with “The Marcus Deegan Show” earlier this year, her death still comes as a heartbreaking loss for the MMA community.

Friton worked with hundreds of fighters during her long tenure with the UFC, and her impact on many individuals was clear in the wake of her loss.

Check out some of the tributes that rolled in for Friton from fighters, octagon girls, commentators and more.

Jon Jones


Gone way too soon @suzesuzeq I can’t even think about you without seeing that smile. The last time I saw you I remember you being happy and just as beautiful. That’s the way I choose to remember you forever, always being a light to everyone around you. Thanks for putting up with all my harassment over the years, thank you for doing Jessie‘s make up and making her look so beautiful for all those weigh in ceremonies and fight nights. We love you, always will. @UFC behind the curtains will never be the same without you, truly an original. 🙏🏾❤️ #cancersucks


I’m going to leave this post here, and hopefully, one day, my grandkids find this and ask me who this woman was. It’ll be nice telling the kids stories about trying to act tough in front of my opponents while getting blush and lipgloss applied to my face. I’ll get a chance to tell a story about a woman who made everyone smile that she came across. A woman who was the reflection of love, kindness and gratefulness until the very end.

Diego Sanchez


@suzesuzeq Suze Friton was a sweet soul that was always there to cheer up hangry fighters with her love and open heart to listen to your struggles and leave you feeling better. This woman knew my whole story and had witnessed the rise and fall of a mans faith in the search for spiritual truth. Suze was pure positive energy and will be remembered for how brave and courageous she was going into the fight with cancer. Prayers out to her loved ones 🙏🏼💯

Brittney Palmer


Today marks a day that will always be remembered, today we lost our friend, our mother, our sister. One of the most happy, bubbly energetic souls you will ever meet. Arianny and I have had countless nights with Suzy on the road, doing facials, drinking wine, crying and sharing each other‘s stories. Over 12 years of break ups and first loves to accomplishments and failures. It was us 3. Suzy was always there and she was always so proud. Not a time went by when she didn’t tell us how proud she was and we felt it, we really did. It is hard to express in words how I’m truly feeling right now. Processing a beautiful love and light like hers will take a lifetime. Suzy helped me become the woman I am today. Her strength was undeniable, she fought this fight till the end. Suzy, I love you, we all love you. You will never be forgotten and I will remember everything you’ve taught me. Your beauty made us beautiful. Forever and always my sweet Suzy Q. ❤️🦋 Rest in Light. 🙏

Carla Esparza


Everyone seemed to have such a unique and special relationship with you, no one could help but love you. You light up everyone room you walk in with your smile and positive energy. I loved our talks about makeup, Pokémon-go, positive energy, guys, food, fighting, and so much more. I loved how you would love to play with different colors & styles, remember the spray gun phase? You worked magic with that thing! You’ve been apart of my UFC journey since day one, I always looked forward to seeing you fight week and giving you a big hug. I remember the first time I met you in 2014 when we were in the TUF House and you had to do 16 girls, and only had about 10 minutes for each of us! I still don’t know how you did it, but you worked your magic and made everyone feel beautiful in record time. The last time we spoke, you told me how much it meant to finally have women in the UFC and you wanted to make sure we all felt beautiful that day.❤️ I love you Suzy, RIP ❤️🙏🏼 💄

Jon Anik


So many times I prayed this day wouldn’t come. And there are no words, really, to describe how profound a loss this is for so many in our UFC family. Suzy Friton, our longtime, beloved UFC make-up artist, friend, and so much more, went peacefully on September 9th. Her attitude and fortitude over her final weeks will inspire many of us for years to come. Her fight was just so valiant, the belief in her ability to beat this thing so strong. I’m confident I would’ve succumbed a lot sooner. She just was able to channel a focus and a ferocity and a positivity that truly helped extend her life. There was just no one like Suzy. You couldn’t help but be drawn to her energy. And she’d stop at nothing to make sure your day or minute was made better. She constantly lifted people up with her spirit. Even when she was in the fight of her life, she was mindful of us. They just don’t come any nicer. As you might expect with someone so loved, a lot of people came to Suzy’s aid. And while I know I’ll leave someone out, I must acknowledge @heidideanharris, @meganolivi, @ariannyceleste, @cgartistry, @brittneypalmer, @chelseaclay16, Tara, and Jason. Man did you all answer the call in the most heart-warming ways. She felt every ounce of that love and support. There are countless others who donated or went way above and beyond by providing key services. UFC athletes stepped up with gestures I’ll remember forever, a lot of them just reciprocating the kindness and goodwill that Suzy had established with them over the years. @dustinpoirier, @tonyfergusonxt, @jonnybones, @mickeygall…on and on it goes. Thank you. I’m sorry to the dozens I’ve left out. Suzy was a huge part of so many of my best professional memories. She even was the one who came up with the name ‘Tatum’ for my second daughter when we couldn’t figure it out. So grateful to have that truth with me forever. I love you, Suzy. I am glad you are no longer suffering. We continue on in your honor, albeit somewhat reluctantly. I’m so very thankful I got to cross your wake. Love you.

Rashad Evans


Let me tell you all about my friend Suzy.. She was the main reason I use to POP in those UFC photos.. She would airbrush my abs to look flawless. She would say “them boys on 300 got nothing on you”..😁 She would be gassing me up as I admired her handy work. I would be steady posing like I was body builder in the mirror wishing I could keep these abs…. Sometimes she even had to get a little artistic and spray paint the abs on because there weren’t any… 🤣🤣🤣 She had me looking FIGHT ready no matter how out of shape I was.. She was always looking out for me like that and I appreciated that. She had everything in her bag too.. I couldn’t believe it.. I would ask her for stuff I didn’t even want just to see if I could catch her slipping by not having it..🤣🤣🤣 I never could.. Sometimes I would sit in Suzy’s chair to get makeup and get so wrapped up in a conversation I forgot why I was even there.. Suzy always had a good story to tell which made it even harder to leave her chair… It was like going to the barbershop for me.. Today @suzesuzeq transtioned HOME.. Suzy is a beautiful Soul and I am blessed to have had her as my friend/ sister…💔Love you always Suzy

Corey Anderson


The last physical conversation we had was my final fight in the UFC. We talked all week about how much I progressed in your eyes over the years from 2014-2020. Not as a fighter but as a man! From a lil shy boy at the TUF finale to a man on my 15th fight with the promotion and 2nd main event with a family of my own. That fight I got KO’d and the one thing my wife talks about from that night is how immediately after the KO you were quick to find her and make sure she got Into the back as soon as possible! I hate that you never got to meet either of my lil gremlins, but im pretty sure you would’ve left an ever lasting effect on this as you did with everyone. With your smile from ear to ear and energy always on 1000%, it was impossible to see you and not smile……… We will miss that smile dearly @suzesuzeq . You don’t have to fight anymore but I’m sure we will all fight with you in our heart.

Kelvin Gastelum


Rest In Peace friend 💜 Always a smile to count on. A friend to lean on. @suzesuzeq one of the most beautiful souls to have walked this earth. We will miss you and love you forever! One post of her doesn’t encapsulate her at all!!! We could write books and maybe even make films of her life and still wouldn’t capture how wonderful and loving she is! 💜🙏

B.J. Penn


This broke my heart this morning… miss and love you Suzy…. Thanks for always making me look my best for the cameras and thanks for always loving me and my family so much #tothesky @ufc

Arianny Celeste


Heaven just earned a beautiful angel. And while I selfishly wish you were still here, I know you are at peace and no longer in pain. @suzesuzeq I can’t put into words what you meant to me . You were more than a friend , you were my family – my best friend, my bonus mommy . You were there for me through every heartbreak and tribulation. You held me up and gave me confidence while constantly reminding me of my worth. You were the first person I told about my pregnancy and I remember being so scared but knowing that telling you would make me feel better. You reminded me that no matter what I did in life my worth was more than my job, and that starting a family was one of the biggest blessings in life. You had a way of always making me feel like everything would be ok. You taught me everything I know about beauty outside and within. You set the standard for what compassion should look like, making sure everyone you met felt important. – @suzesuzeq was someone that gave so much of her self to others with a smile on her face, even when she was fighting her own battle with life. I thought I would have more time with her, but I’m so thankful for the times we shared even recently when things were tough. She was the strongest person I know and it’s not going to be easy for me to let her go. – I love you Suzy, I’m so happy you got to meet Raiden . He loved our FaceTimes and lit up when you made funny voices or faces. Thank you for giving me your unconditional love. You asked me recently if this fight was worth it, and at the time I wanted to say no. I just couldn’t stand to see you in pain. But instead I said of course…you HAVE to keep fighting and if anyone can do it it’s YOU. It all makes sense to me now and YES it was worth it. Through your strength , your love, and your light you have touched and inspired so many lives. I will miss you everyday . I love you @suzesuzeq 🙏🏼🤍 #suzysfight #suzyfriton #fuckcancer #iloveyouforever

Mike Goldberg


One very early morning in 2005, I walked into the Fox Studios with Billy Ray Smith ready for a long day hosting College Football on FSN, I’m not a morning person, BR definitely is, as we entered, there was a beautiful women sitting criss cross applesauce, she was our new makeup artist, her greeting and smile prompted me to say “I’ll go first BR” little did I know that @suzesuzeq would become my “little sister” an extremely rare breed of true friend! Anyone who knew Suzy knows how giving and caring she was, always putting everyone and everything ahead of her own world. She not only loved me, she loved my family, she even volunteered to babysit our kids. @kiarragoldberg got a trip to makeup heaven and their relationship built massively from there. Suzy always called @kolegoldberg little Koley and loved telling everyone about the time he was calling for her at the house, “Shoozy, Shoozy Shoozy, SUSAN, SUSAN” (he was little) D’Marco Farr, thank you for bringing Suzy Q into our lives, she will never be forgotten. Love You Little Sister!

Maycee Barber


The world lost one of the most beautiful souls today. Words cannot even begin to express what Suzy meant to me and so many others. If you were one of the many people who were blessed by knowing this woman then you know what I mean when I say when we lost more than just a beautiful soul. Suzy was a smile to make you feel welcome, a hug to comfort you, a friend to talk to about boys, makeup, and all of the fun things. She was a sister to tell your secrets to. She was a voice of guidance and wisdom like a mother and she was a Light in any darkness. It’s not everyday that earth is blessed with an angel and it was a bittersweet feeling today when I heard that God brought her back home. We love you Suzy and there is no way that my kids will not know who you were and the impact you had on me and all of the lives you impacted and hearts you touched. 💕

Lauren Murphy


When I first got in the UFC, I was SO uncomfortable in front of a camera and lacked a lot of confidence. Suzy was the first makeup artist I’d ever worked with, and she did wonders for me. She made me feel pretty, confident, happy, and relaxed. She just had a way of putting people at ease. She would chit chat and joke around, explain what she was doing with my hair and makeup, help me pose in front of the camera. She was like fertilizer, helping me bloom from an awkward and drawn person in front of a camera, unsure of myself as a fighter, to someone with confidence who took pride in myself and my job. She made me feel like I belonged. Every post I’ve read about her today has echoed the same sentiments. It’s rare to meet someone who shines as bright as she did. If I ever face a battle like the one she did, I hope I do it with half as much good spirit and grace. What an incredible woman. I will never forget you @suzesuzeq ❤️💔❤️💔❤️💔 #FuckCancer #CancerSucks

Holly Holm


Miss @suzesuzeq – the love you showed is exactly what this world needs. Thank you for being such a light in my life. You had a way to make even the most stressful days seem much brighter. Thank you for bringing so much joy to everyone around you. You were taken way too soon. You inspire me to keep spreading the love you shared. May you Rest In Peace and know you are so loved and truly missed. ❤️

Claudia Gadelha


I am devastated. Heart broken!!! RIP my friend!! I remember the day you told me you were diagnosed again and we cried together. Thank you for always being with me in my best moments!! I will never forget your laugh!! You are of the best people I met in the MMA world! God bless your soul!! 🙏🏼 ♥️

Yoel Romero


I always remember what you told me, how good you smell, yoel … RIP my beautiful angel, you left us very soon, we will miss you, my heart is crying for you… #ripangel @suzesuzeq

Angela Hill


They took another good one from us. Rest in power @suzesuzeq

Felice Herrig


There’s not enough space and not enough words to describe how much Suzy Q impacted the @ufc community. . . She was a selfless, beautiful soul. Doing all that she could for everyone around her. You will be forever missed Suzy

Ben Saunders


We lost a beautiful person today. 💔😢 You always had me smiling ear to ear every single fight week @suzesuzeq Thankful for all the memories, RIP 🙏

Jake Shields


Just signed on IG and heard the horrible news of @suzesuzeq passing She always did the hard job of convincing fighters to wear make up for our photo shoots Making sure it looked just right

Ashlee Evans-Smith


We lost @suzesuzeq today.💔 My condolences to anyone who knew her. Even if you only met her 1 time, I KNOW she made an impact on your life, that’s just the person she was. She was a friend & a source of inspiration to me. We spoke a week & a half ago.She was perky & full of life. Throughout her struggle she kept a positive mindset. Every time I talked to her all I could think was “if this woman can be positive & happy while going through her cancer battle, I need to perk the F up! “♥️ – I will always remember her as the woman who made me feel beautiful inside & out at fight week!🥰 *And if you’ve ever cut weight as a female, lost ur boobies, been drained of energy, overly emotional/cranky & had to do a photo shoot-u KNOW what a difficult task that was! – But Suzy would do it. ✨She worked her make up magic,all the while giving you compliments & filling you with positivity & love. – What a woman. Rip friend.😔♥️

Michelle Waterson


My beautiful @suzesuzeq You are such a bright light and words can’t express the joy you brought me. I love your smile, I love your warmth, I love your laughter, I love you spirit. You are a warrior through and through and I am blessed to say you were part of my path. Rest In Peace beautiful soul.

Raquel Pennington


Along with many others that this amazing soul left an impact on, my heart is shattered. 💔 I feel like I can’t find the words. She was biggest fighter I ever met. Had the most energetic and bubbly personality. Always in positive spirits regardless of what life threw at her. Getting my makeup done, defining my muscles with her airbrush gun 😂, her excitement when my fur babies were at fight week, the crazy relationship conversations and life talks. Im thankful for our last few phone calls and FaceTimes. The world needs many more souls like her. I am definitely going to miss her especially at my wedding when she told me “no one else is allowed to do your make up it’s my gift, I love your beautiful skin” 😭 it’s amazing to see the impact she left on so many. ❤️ Rest In light my beautiful friend @suzesuzeq you will be missed.

Anthony Njokuani



Erik Koch


So sad to hear of @suzesuzeq passing 😔 one of the nicest people that has ever worked for the ufc and was nothing, but positive whenever we interacted. Rest In peace and thank you for the memories 🙏🏻 #ufc #wec #wecneverforget #mma #fuckcancer

Deron Winn


Suzy, I met you long before this photo but this was from my first UFC fight. Thank you for being so gentle and kind to me. I didn’t know you as well as I probably should have but I will tell you this, I’ve met a lot of people and I’ve only met few that were as universally loved as you. That tells me everything I need to know about you. The world doesn’t make sense much these days so I won’t bother trying to make sense on why such a good soul had to leave us so early, but I hope you’re pain free and in peace. There will never be another you ❤️

Clay Guida


SuzyQ was a True Fighter in every sense of the word. Miss @suzesuzeq had a smile that would light up a room, and an entire arena. She also knew how to put a smile on every athletes ugly face that she worked tirelessly on to prep for TV and interviews. She often spoke of her dog, and how much she enjoyed traveling. We were truly blessed to be in the presence of an Angel. You will be missed by everyone. God Bless SuzyQ and her Family 🙏🏼 😇 🙏🏼 #ufcfamily #angel

Marion Reneau


We had some pretty deep conversations when we would meet up. I looked forward to them. On this particular day you told me you were diagnosed…again, with cancer. You were so optimistic and adamant you would beat it this time around too. You let me pray with you and for you! 🙏🏽 You fought hard. With a smile in your heart. You are deeply loved and will forever be missed! Rest easy Suzy! We love you! ❤

Karolina Kowalkiewicz


Rest in peace @suzesuzeq 🥺🙏❤️

Kenda Perez


There have been a lot of final farewells for me throughout this past year…..some expected, some shocking and some I was rooting against. Today we all lost someone uniquely amazing. Suzy was my very first UFC employee friend back in 2006. She has been taking care of me behind the camera and in my personal life ever since. I often called her my older sister because she was was an absolute mama bear and to know her was to be taken care of by her. I can honestly say she was my biggest cheerleader and hype man anytime I was feeling unsure of myself professionally or personally. We’ve traveled the world together and have spent countless nights talking until the sun came up, finishing bottles of wine, earning our laugh wrinkles with her loud infectious laugh. I have so many amazing memories with you, that is what is making me smile now as I sit with the great loss of you. This feels like the end of an era for me. The light you shined through everything you were going through is a direct result of your warrior spirit. I am grateful to have had such an amazing friendship with you Suzy. I miss you ❤️ Love you Big Sis #RIPSuzy #FUCKcancer

Alan Jouban


Heartbroken to hear the passing of the beloved @suzesuzeq. She was a long time make up artist of the UFC and didn’t matter if you were a main event fighter or a ring card girl, you were going to be sitting in her chair and getting some love. She was an awesome person and a staple to the UFC. She had been fighting for a while and finally will rest easy. You will be missed. 💔🙏🏼🙏🏼

Sarah Kaufman


You will be missed @suzesuzeq You were a truly beautiful human. Even though you only beautified me 1 time, every single time we saw each other you made me (and everyone around you) feel seen, heard and cared for. The world has lost a bright light. You will be missed by so many. #beautiful #rip #cancer

Tatiana Suarez


I feel like words can’t fully describe the impact you have had on so many lives. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. I remember the first time I sat in your chair. I’m truly grateful I had the pleasure of meeting you. There are few people who enter our lives that make us want to be better and you were one of those people. Your ability to see beauty in every person that sat in your chair and your desire to get to know every single person. That is something I truly admired about you. I remember when I told you I had cancer you looked me straight in my eyes and it looked like you were going to cry. And you said “I’m so happy you fought through. You’re going to inspire so many lives.” Then you proceeded to give me the biggest hug. I’ll never forget your words and I’ll never forget the genuine love you showed me. You have constantly inspired me with your positive attitude and fighting spirit. You will never be forgotten. I’m going to miss you very much Suzy. Until we meet again my beautiful friend 💕

Tyron Woodley


Gonna miss you💔 @suzesuzeq Share a positive story about her below

Joanne Calderwood


God got a special one today @suzesuzeq I’ve never met anyone like you..your art for making us all look good on camera was amazing but honestly I think that just came from us being around you whether it was for 5 mins or if we were lucky more. You brought the very best out of us and We love you so much! ❤️❤️❤️

C.B. Dollaway


Those of us who knew her, know she was one of the good ones! Always a smile on her face and a positive attitude! She will definitely be missed! 🙏🙏🙏 ⁣

Yves Edwards


I’m just hearing the news about SuzyQ! She is one of the best people I’ve ever met. Always a joy to be around, always happy and smiling with such a good heart. Wether I was fighting or commentating some of my best times at the UFC were when I was sitting in her chair. She brought so much good energy with her everywhere she went. She will always be an angel we will never forget. We lost someone truly beautiful today. I will never forget you! 💔😢

Walt Harris

https://www.instagram.com/p/CTphhncp9B0 Man this is a hard one to post… If you knew @suzesuzeq Then you know this photo is her to a “T” She loved her job and she was always smiling. She was a light in a world that truly needs it. I could always depend on her not just to have me camera ready, but she would take so much pressure off of me during fight week by taking care of my family like they were her own. I’m forever grateful to her for that. I can hear her now saying… “ Don’t worry I got you!” I could gone all day with great stories about you, just know I love you and you’ll live on through myself and my family forever! 💙💙💙💙

Jason House


I’m at a loss of words today, and even if I had the words, I don’t feel they could do justice in describing what you mean to me and my family. Suzy, I love you so much, you always had a way of making the road feel like home for us. From teaching me how to properly use Layrite in my hair, to making a nervous debut fighter feel relaxed during fight week, you always knew how to brighten someone’s day. You are going to be so dearly missed and I look forward to the day we meet again. 🙏🏼

Brandon Moreno


Rest In Peace Suzy was always a pleasure to work with you ,you’re with the angels now🙏❤️ !!

Ryan Benoit


Having my makeup done by @suzesuzeq for my first ever @ufc photo shoot. We had many great conversations about your fight against cancer. You inspire the hell out of me. RIP 💔 😢

Cody Garbrandt


You are loved by so many!! Heaven Gained another angel today!!! #UFCFam 🕊 🙏🏼

Sara McMann


I will truly miss you. You were always positive and uplifting to everyone who crossed your path. The world is a little more dim without your light 😔🙏

Anthony Johnson


We’re gonna miss you Miss @suzesuzeq You made an impact on so many lives and anytime you were around you made us all smile and feel loved. Tell my Pop I said Hi for me… 💔❤

Kamaru Usman


What an amazing soul we lost. Your energy was infectious each and every fight week. You will definitely be missed @suzesuzeq 💔

Niko Price


We lost a good one today 😢 @suzesuzeq was one of nicest souls I have ever met. I’m so thankful to have met her through the @ufc 🙏🏼 we love you ❤️ #ufc #cancersucks #fuckcancer #warrior

Frank Mir


You see a warrior’s true colors in mortal battles. Susie showed the courage and character that we should all aspire to. She was a great friend to my wife and I and we are better people having spent time with her. She was loved by so many and will be greatly missed by anyone who had the pleasure of knowing her. My condolences to her family and loved ones. The Mirs

Joe Lauzon


Incredibly sad to hear about @suzesuzeq passing away. She did the makeup at the @ufc fights for years and was always incredibly positive and gave the best hugs. I tried to find a photo of us together, but the best I had was when I got her to airbrush the bruising off my face so I could go to the fights without scaring little kids. She was the best, and will be forever missed.

Michael Chiesa


I’m thankful I got to squeeze you and see that beautiful smile one more time on a blue bird day this summer. My hearts hurts because I’m going to miss you but I take solace knowing that you are not hurting anymore. You are loved by so many and we are all so inspired by how hard you fought. Thank you for fixing that blackeye 9 years ago after the TUF semis, thanks for that insane piece of “gum” you gave me at 209, thanks for the love and thanks for the memories. I don’t know else to say right now aside from thank you. See you on the other side @suzesuzeq.

James Krause


The world lost another beautiful soul this am. If you’ve be in or around the UFC in the past decade you know who Suzie was and the amazing heart that she had. Suzie was the type of person you could share deep things with without knowing her for long at all. One of those people who’s energy is very difficult to forget. She will be missed by many 💔

Drakkar Klose


Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you… Until we meet again. I love you @suzesuzeq ❤❤ #fuckcancer #neverforgotten #love

Max Griffin


The heavens gained a beautiful spirit today 😪💔🙏🏽 Anyone that knew @suzesuzeq knows she was one of the sweetest souls to ever grace earth. So kind, so generous and hilarious. She was the first women to do my makeup and she would fill in my beard so it would be more full 🥲😭 Suzy I love and miss you and I’ll see you on the other side ❤️🤙🏽 #rip #suzyfriton #fuckcancer #ufc

Shana Dobson


@suzesuzeq what an angel…one of my favorite parts of fight week was gettin to chop it up wit you. You are an inspiration and showed what holistic medicine could do. We got to enjoy you for a little longer and for that I am grateful 🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️

Matt Brown


Sucks to hear this news and write this… Going to miss you big time @suzesuzeq fight week hasn’t been the same for a while without you there. Knowing it’ll never be the same again is heartbreaking but we all know you were as much of a fighter as any of us #weareallfighters

Felicia Spencer


How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you. 🧡 @suzesuzeq sure made everyone in front of her feel genuinely amazing & beautiful. 🙏🏼 RIP

Josh Thomson


Suzy, you will be missed. Your smile, your energy and infectious personality are all things I will miss about you but I am sure thousands of others will miss much more based on the positive impact you brought to their lives. You have been taken way to soon from your family, friends and from countless others who’s lives you would have made an impact on. RIP my friend, until we meet again. ❤️🙏🏽 #mma #makeup #ufc #artist #family #friend #life

Terrion Ware


Heart broken to hear of @suzesuzeq passing the word saint is thrown around a lot but that word 100 percent applies to this woman The day I met her was my UFC debut and she did my make up for the promo shoot my kids on the ride to Vegas were acting crazy and super irritated from the long drive I was tired as this is the week of cutting weight she instantly became infatuated with my kids and used her make up kit to paint their faces and she played with them the whole time I was cutting my interviews and signing posters and made their day every time I would see her she would ask for them That’s the type of person she was full of life and love you will be truly missed Rest easy queen 🙏🏾❤️

Julia Avila


Heaven got another angel today. @suzesuzeq Suzy was such an amazing woman. She made me feel like I belong in the UFC. You only had to spend a couple of minutes with her to know that she was something special. She was much more than a makeup artist @ufc she was part of the team that made the UFC function as a unit. She will be greatly missed but celebrated daily through the lives she touched. thank you Suzy for painting the world as beautiful as you are, inside and out. Rest in Power, friend.

James Vick


So sad to hear the passing of Suzy. 😥😥 she was the make up artist for the UFC for a very long time. Such a amazing, happy and positive person. Literally everyone in the ufc loved this lady so much! Rest in peace you will be missed. 🙏

Cris Cyborg

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