Types of different luxury backpack

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A rain, the name says everything. They are well versed in making waterproof dress and adornments. Ideal, particularly for our environment! Rains clarify on this page that their items are intended to endure the most horrendously awful weather patterns.

Rains items are turning out to be progressively famous in the Netherlands. All things considered, you can effectively utilize a waterproof backpack. Is it true that you are traveling, on a work excursion or would you say you are searching for a backpack for day to day exercises or an end of the week away? Rain backpacks guarantee that your effects stay dry!

What does a decent Rain backpack meet?

To perceive a decent weekendtas dames, we want to know what it should meet. There are four characteristics that a decent backpack has, in particular:


A decent backpack is waterproof. That is great at Rains! This is on the grounds that the backpacks are chiefly made of polyester, which is not difficult to perfect and waterproof.


At the point when you convey things with you, they ought to be agreeable. You can focus on this by ensuring that your backpack has no less than one of the accompanying properties:

Customizable and cushioned shoulder lashes

Cushioned back board

Stomach or hip belt.


Space is significant; it decides how much stuff you can take with you. We typically suggest a backpack somewhere in the range of 15 and 20 liters for everyday use. That is enough as a rule. For a rugzak heren, the normal is somewhere in the range of 15 and 25 liters. Could it be said that you are going on a hiking trip? Then, at that point, you ordinarily emerge over 40 liters.

The volume of Rain backpacks shifts somewhere in the range of 10 and 30 liters. Enough in general!


You need to convey a wide range of things with you; obviously, they ought not to weigh excessively. We suggest that you don’t convey in excess of 1000 grams on the off chance that it isn’t required. Most bags that weigh in excess of 1000 grams are extremely amazing or potentially have a huge volume.

Do you involve a backpack for everyday use or, for instance, an end of the week away? Then, at that point, around 800 grams is generally enough! We have many bags like handbags, teddy TAS, dames tassen sale, etc. for your need; you can without much of a stretch track down your beloved pack from our site.

Kinds of Rains backpack

There are right now many various models of Rain backpacks available.

Rain Backpack 1220

This is at present the most well-known Rain backpack. The retro plan gives an advanced look and has a 15-inch PC compartment. An extraordinary benefit of this model is the counter burglary compartment that sits against the back.

The little compartment is situated under the shoulder lashes and guarantees that your things are very much safeguarded against burglary.

Rain Backpack Mini 1280

The Mini 1280 is the more modest sibling of 1220 with a similar retro look. The fundamental distinction is in the substance of the backpack. It very well may be called little, with just 10 liters. Furthermore, this model has a PC compartment that is marginally more modest than 1220, which is appropriate for a PC up to 13 inches.

This model likewise has an enemy of robbery compartment on the back board of the backpack. The material utilized here is additionally polyester, so the backpack is waterproof.

This Rain backpack has flexible shoulder lashes and a supported back board, which makes the backpack, feels lovely.

Rain backpack 1213

This Rain backpack has an unexpected appearance in comparison to different models. This one is marginally more extensive, with a twofold tie, which additionally makes the backpack sturdier.

This is one of the bigger Rain backpacks and has a PC compartment reasonable for a 15-inch PC. The primary compartment comprises of a PC compartment, isolated from the fundamental compartment. This bag offers a very sizable amount of room to convey various books and a PC.

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