Treatment of Vaginosis – How To Stop Bacterial Vaginosis In Its Tracks Fast

Treatment of Vaginosis – How To Stop Bacterial Vaginosis In Its Tracks Fast

What is bacterial vaginosis and what is it caused by? In this article, I will tell you the what and why of this common infection, and the methods of treatment of vaginosis.

Bacterial Vaginosis is a condition caused by an upset of naturally occurring bacteria located in the vagina. A normal vagina has a balance of both good and bad bacteria. When this balance is disturbed the bad bacteria flourishes, and that is when you come down with an infection. It is characteristically identified by a “fishy” odor, and thin white or greyish discharge. A doctor can make an accurate diagnosis by conducting a wet mount test.

Some of the causes of bacterial vaginosis include the use of heavily scented deodorant soaps, “feminine hygiene” sprays and the like. It is also associated with having a new or multiple sexual partners, though it is not considered sexually transmitted. The practice of douching can also play a role in developing this infection. Many women use these products thinking that it will help them feel cleaner, but they are actually exacerbating the issue.

Treatment of bacterial vaginosis consists of taking a course of antibiotics, on average for 5-7 days. The most commonly prescribed by doctors are metronidazole, and clindamycin. You will either be given treatment in pill form, or a gel or cream that is inserted into the vagina. These antibiotics may come with an unwanted side effect of developing a secondary yeast infection.

Unfortunately, most women will have a repeat infection within a few months of the initial occurrence. An alternative to this is to turn to alternative methods of treatment, which can be just as effective as the use of drugs. These methods, in addition to other lifestyle changes, can help stop bacterial vaginosis in its tracks, and keep it away.

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