Top Tips to Save Money on Women’s Walking Shoes

Walking is an easy way to get fit and healthy. It is also inexpensive to get started. You do not need a fancy gym membership. And you don’t need any special equipment or gear with the exception of a great pair of walking shoes. It is essential to purchase a quality pair.  Quality footwear can be expensive but there are many ways you can save money on women’s walking shoes. Here are some tips.

Start by examining several pairs of shoes. You will want to find shoes that have cushioning to support your foot. When you walk, your full body weight presses against your feet.  If your shoes lack cushioning your feet will bear the brunt of the weight and this can result in injuries. By wearing the right walking shoes you will save yourself the expense of going to the doctor or having to buy foot products for blisters or other foot problem issues. It is also important to look for top quality materials. Look for materials that breathe either in mesh or leather, this will minimize foot sweating and swelling. Quality footwear helps prevent injuries. So paying a little more for proper shoes will save you money in the long run.

Buy shoes that fit your feet and allow some room for the natural swelling that occurs while walking. You will want to allow a half inch between your largest toe and the end of the shoe.  Women have a tendency to want to wear a smaller shoe size than they actually do thinking it looks less bulky and is more feminine. But by wearing the wrong shoe size you will be wasting money because you are likely to develop blisters you will have to treat and you may not want to walk simply because your feet hurt!

When it is time to buy shoes, look in the daily paper for store coupons to discount the cost. You can also find coupons online for different retailers at coupon sites such as CouponMountain and CouponCabin.  A quick Google search will turn up a multitude of other results. Another way to save is by shopping through shopping sites such at eBates, Big Crumbs and Shop at Home. These sites have numerous vendors that carry quality footwear so you can save money on women’s walking shoes.

Wearing high quality shoes will prevent injuries that cost you time and money. Shopping with discount codes and coupons is a smart way to further discount the cost.

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