Top 3 Embroidery Projects: Ideas for Beginners

Custom embroidery has been one of the most buzzing design trends in recent days. The reason behind that is pretty apparent, though. After all, the traditional way of ornamenting an item has been a classic technique for years. It gives apparel and accessories a polished and distinct look with decent personal touch. No doubt, it is one of the best ways to express your artistic skills and use them for your business.

If you are planning to start embroidery projects, like a print-on-demand business, you can buy wholesale blank products from online sellers. Also, buying blank clothing and other items is the best idea for those wanting to freshen up their online store with new products, designs, and styles. 

What can you embroider on?

In general, one can embroider on literally any fabric. Some of the best picks that can be used as a canvas are cotton, wool, linen, felt, denim, leather, etc. Regardless of what fabric you choose, it is crucial to understand that the thicker ones usually require sturdier and thick needles. Also, thinner ones mostly tend to pucker when stitching embroidery letters or designs.

Colored fabrics are also a fine choice if you are a beginner in stitching and ornamenting items. For darker fabrics, use light or brightly colored floss and vice versa for a lighter fabric.

Here are the top three items beginners can test their stitching skills on –

Polo and Button-Up Shirts

Polo and button-up shirts are two of the most famous items that embroidery professionals love. The reason why they never go out of demand is that local markets and schools need them. 

Buying polos or button-ups in bulk and working on them to resell them is a great way to start your business. Most blank clothing stores can obtain these shirts for as low as $5. Based on your design and product quality, you can easily resell them at $15-30. Although the best business idea for custom apparel products is print-on-demand, you can also take bulk orders. It depends on your resources.


Buying blank sweatshirts is quite common as they are popular among embroidery projects. These tees have a little stretch and require slightly more finesse when stitching. Although they are slightly thicker than everyday fabrics, one can hoop perfectly with proper skills. 

As sweatshirts are stretchy, you might need the help of a more robust stabilizer to prevent the shirt from moving and stretching while embroidering.

Regular T-Shirts

Even though not as much as sweatshirts, regular t-shirts are also stretchy. Therefore, beginners should try to use a more stable and less flimsy one to have ease while hooping. Thinner jersey-knit tees are considerably more challenging to embroider than a thick, regular cotton t-shirt. 

While customizing tees, one can do different logos, monograms, interesting pictures, or quotes. You can also choose to do character embroidery designs on t-shirts. As t-shirts are a staple clothing option for people of all ages, one can easily buy blank tees in bulk.

Wrapping Up

While embroidery projects might seem intimidating for beginners, as you gain skills in machine applique, you can embroider on any fabric. However, you need to find a blank apparel selling company to buy wholesale clothing in bulk. 

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