The Siberian Husky – The Attention Seeking Dog!

The Siberian Husky – The Attention Seeking Dog!


The Siberian Husky is a working dog breed which has its root in Eastern Siberia. It belongs to Spitz genetic family. It is one of the gracious beautiful animals. He seems to have that deceptive looks which does give you a feeling of his kindness, but in essence commands respect from you. But yes, once you have accepted a Siberian Husky you’re not going to miss his love. He is known to be friendly most of the times but seems to be insightful in observing to the body language of other dogs in his sight. And it doesn’t take longer for him to be -friend them. He is a natural lover of playing and running around. Typically a Siberian Husky seldom gives a fight to his rival but if his honor is at stake, he doesn’t mind in giving it a fight. More than often he would be seen fleeing rather keep fighting with another dog.

Coat Description

The Siberian Husky’s under coat comprises of a thick one which can specially bear the chilling temperatures as low as -58 degrees and can extend to -76 degrees F (-50 to -60 C ). The color of this coat can vary from Jet Black to Pure White. Again the color can be inclusive of reddish black, Jet black, silver (dilute) black or simply black and white. It can have a pattern called Agouti which is a very rare color identified with a brindle look to it.

One of the noteworthy features about the coat is when the Siberians are puppies; they are usually known to have outstanding colored masks. But, like it is an acknowledged fact that with time everything changes so does the color of its coats. It has been observed the transition from a puppy to a matured dog; some of these masks seem to completely disappear. As a consequence it leaves a complete white face.


If history is to be believed, they were first breed by Chukchi of Northeastern Asia. Later on, these were imported into Alaska into United States and Canada during the Nome Gold Rush. The reason of sending them to Alaska was obvious. They were meant to be used as sled dogs. However with time they acquired to be treated as family pets and were even used as show dogs.

History has it a part of this canine’s name contains a derogatory meaning to it. The word “Husky” is a blend of the derogative term “Eskie” which was very often used by the Inuit people whom the Europeans met in their expatiations into their lands. And the word “Siberian” is derived from Siberia simply because it was believed that Eskimo or sled dogs were put to use just to cross the land bridge of the Bering Strait which is located in Alaska. There is another school of thoughts which believes they originated from the Turkic for “sleeping land”. And yet another lot who firmly were of the belief that it was the tribal name of the Sibilla, who were the ancient Turkic nomads.


The Siberian Husky’s temperament is alert and cautious – mind it please, don’t take him for granted. You have to be worthy enough to grab the doggy’s attention. They aren’t aggressive with other dogs and not overly suspicious of strangers.

He is known to be athletic and quick with a modest compact built and is known to be smooth with a effortless gait. It has been observed these Siberians are gentle and friendly and seem to have bondage with one person in particular, of the family. At time he can give you a harrowing time with bring a diehard stubborn but have the capacity to think independently. But one thing is for sure, if you can train him properly and adequately he can be the reason of your delight. One trait which you can look forward to in matured Siberian is his measure of dignity and being reserved.

His eager disposition, intelligence and tractability make him the perfect fit to be your working dog and a sweet companion.

One trait of him which separates from other dogs his quietness. He hardly yells or barks. It’s amazing to find some howl with a soft “boo” just to let you know his happiness on seeing you or that he is glad for some other reasons. If you can earn his love, you will find him laid his head in your lap or if you are a lucky one, will also kiss you when he walks by. It’s always great to cherish these moments when you have a Siberian Husky.

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