Sure Fire Ways to Seduce a Woman – Do NOT Miss This at Any Cost

For us men, finding or attracting a date has always been a challenge, no matter what your background or history.

A question I hear being asked so many times is, “how do I find the way to successfully seduce a woman?” Let me tell you that there a number of very effective ways you can go about this.

Guys, we always think we should know what a woman wants, right? Studies show it to be true, it is important so remember that women are generally more attracted to a guy they think can satisfy her wants and needs.

Firstly, you need to start believing in your personal abilities, stop thinking that seducing a girl is too much like hard work, actually it isn’t and it involves a lot of fun.

Stop thinking you can’t figure out what a woman wants, or claim to not want to! Once you realise that you can attract women you will wonder what it is you were frightened of in the first place.

Let me show you some of the easy sure fire ways we can make women more attracted to us.

  • Compliments One of the best methods to make a girls day, she will love the fact that you have noticed and complimented her, either on her looks, dress, hair or smile. When you give her that compliment genuinely, she will begin to build a strong bond with you.
  • Go For It! Whenever you get talking to a girl you like, timing your compliment is important, now for example, when in an elevator or waiting in line in a shop, start with small talk and then compliment her, go for it and mention that you can’t help but realize how nice her dress is! Women shop for four hours at a time and aim to get themselves noticed! When you give her that recognition she will be thankful and most of all, be wanting more!
  • Softly, Softly When you get into an intimate situation with a girl, an easy way to seduce her and a sure fire winner, is to gently play with her hair and neck, another is to rub her back. Women have strong sensual sensations in the back of their necks and lower back region, allowing them to become aroused in a short amount of time.

Picture this! The woman you are with on a date seems upset and agitated by something, respect the fact that maybe she doesn’t want to talk about it, instead offer to give her a massage, I will leave the rest to you!

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