Summer vacation : what to wear to look chic

Despite having a wardrobe full of trendy outfits, I didn’t know what to wear all the time. All I knew was dark clothes for winter and light-coloured clothes for summer. But as the season changed, so did my taste in style. And the fact that you don’t have to wear like the rest, focus on what you feel confident in, it will save you from embarrassment, looking uncool and clunky. Be cautious when picking baby girl clothes; they also dislike uneasy costumes.

There are also must-have items incorporated with summer outfits like sunglasses, a few accessories like pieces of jewellery and watches, sunscreen and lip balm to give that summer look chic outfit. In this article, you will learn how to create a chic style of your own this summer without being super trendy or making any embarrassing mistakes.

Outfits to wear during Summer vacation.

All white.

The all-white outfit is emblematic: it gives all the vacation beach vibes. You can incorporate a white button-down shirt and loose white pants. You can combine this outfit with your favourite sisal handmade bag, a touch of light accessories, including sunglasses and a gold watch. For the feet, cosy flip-flops serve the purpose.

Duo matching outfit.

It is considered the perfect pair for a vacation. It has a variety of choices from a top with a skirt, shorts or pants, pick one depending on your preference. Investing in this one-and-done outfit for that vacation with that special someone will boost your enthusiasm and make you look reserved. The set, if incorporated with a pair of lace-up sandals and a sizeable woody bucket bag, gives a nostalgic vibe.

Floral dresses.

This is for every woman to wear at least once on that vacation. A mini floral dress feels feminine and when worn with a pair of heels or low sandals, sunglasses and a straw tote. If uneasy in heels, swap them with a pair of slides. For baby girl clothes, a floral dress with bows around the waist is pleased for that girl and some lip balm.

Clothes to avoid during vacation.

They are several pieces, if worn poorly, can be a nuisance and ruin your good mood. Avoid jeans during a beach trip because the fabric is heavy and heavier when soaked. Avoid closed shoes like sneakers; it is advisable to wear breathable shoes you are comfortable in.

Avoid fabrics that cannot absorb sweat and promote faster drying: they tend to be uncomfortable, and the right fabric clothes to wear during summer are cotton and polyester materials. Avoid too many accessories, especially jewelleries: they absorb heat and can be uncomfortable.


It is advisable to focus on packing clothes based on fabric and materials. Choose light colourful clothes for everyone, including kids. Avoid the clothes mentioned above like jeans during beach trips and too many jewelleries.