Stainless Steel Soap: Does It Work?

I remember when I first heard that stainless steel soap could remove odors. I was quite enthralled and had to question, stainless steel soap — does it work?

I did research on stainless steel and its interaction with water in odor elimination, and then bought myself a De Odor Works stainless steel soap bath bar and gave it a try… and it worked!

I was actually shocked, even though scientifically it is proven that when stainless steel meets water, odor causing volatile sulfuric acids are eliminated. It just seemed too simple to actually be true.

To see if it worked, while in the shower I first washed with regular soap as usual. Then I rubbed the De Odor Works bar for 30 seconds under each arm, according to directions. I did not get underarm odor the rest of the day.

Does It Work in the Shower?

These bars work in the shower for me. I researched the internet for what other users of De Odor Works said when they used it as an underarm deodorant.

What I found was that most people said it worked very well for them. A couple users said it lasted about 6 hours and then they began to notice odor occurring. Some people said it didn’t work at all, but those people were very few.

Since we know that an odor eliminating chemical reaction occurs with stainless steel and water; and we know it works very well for most people; I can only conjecture that some individual’s body chemistry is such that these bars are ineffective for them.

Does It Work in the Kitchen?

There are smaller bars of stainless steel soap targeted mostly for hand washing in the kitchen. These bars are used to remove smells such as onion, garlic and fish. Did it work in the kitchen for me? Yes, very much so.

Again I did research to see what other users had to say.

For kitchen use, again I found that the majority of people said it absolutely did work. Some said it worked if they used regular soap and washed off the onion juice first, while others said they just used the steel bar under running water and it worked great.

Once again here were those who said it didn’t work, and again they were in the minority.

One person made a very interesting statement about stainless steel and odor. He commented that when you slice an onion with a knife, the knife doesn’t retain the smell of the onion. Try this for yourself and you’ll see it’s true.

What is the overall opinion then — stainless steel soap, does it work? The answer is yes, it works in eliminating underarm odor and food odor in the greater majority of people; but in a small minority of people it works to a degree or not at all.

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