Questions to Ask Before Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

8 Questions to Ask When Buying an Engagement Ring – Kobelli

Buying an engagement ring requires effort and time. So if you are planning to buy one for your partner, be wise enough to know the questions to ask before buying a diamond engagement ring. In that way, it will be easier for you to shop since you have a guide to follow. Diamond engagement rings are precious and special since a proposal is a special event, so choosing the best engagement ring matters a lot. 

What are the 4cs?

Diamond’s attributes are graded by the 4cs which are color, clarity, cut, and carat. Getting familiar with them can help you decide which is a good quality diamond. Diamonds may look colorless but they actually have different hues. The more colorless the diamond the more expensive so opting for nearly colorless color grades can be best. For clarity, the lesser the inclusions the better. Inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye are still ideal. For the carats, this refers to the weight of the diamond. Determine how many carats can fit your budget so you can focus on that weight. And lastly, for the cut, an excellent cut is always the best choice, since poorly cut diamonds can be chipped or broken easily. 

How is the Diamond Certification Handled?

Asking this question from your seller is important since they should be able to explain how diamond certifications are issued and how diamonds are evaluated. Also ask them who certifies their diamonds, one of the most popular laboratories that evaluated diamonds is the Gemological Institute of America. If jewelers used GIA to certify their diamonds then you can be assured that the diamonds are indeed legit. The diamond certificate shows in detail the properties of the diamond. 

What are the properties of the metal this ring is set in?

The metals used in the diamonds should also be verified. Stamps can be seen on the metals which indicates if it’s 14k or 18k for gold and PLT for platinum. These two are the most preferred metal for engagement rings. Make sure that your metal is durable enough so you can preserve and lengthen the lifespan of your engagement ring.

Is it Possible for the Ring to be Modified?

Asking this question is relevant since you might want to modify your ring in the future or a few months. Or you might want a customized ring or you might want your ring to be resized. Sometimes you are not sure of your partner’s reference so just in case she wants some changes on the ring in the future then you can easily have it modified. Knowing if this is possible can make you decide faster if you will take the ring or not. 

Does the Shop have On-site Jeweler?

Most jewelers don’t have on-site jewelers so they have to send your ring to another location. If you can find a jeweler who has everything on-site then that will be the best choice. Since it will be easier for you to see the development of your ring during the creation especially if it is customized. You don’t also have to worry if your ring will get lost during transportation or get switched. 

Is the Ring Hard to Clean? 

Some settings and designs are too complicated and make it hard to be cleaned. If this is the case make sure with your jeweler that their cleaning service is capable of cleaning their items just in case they need some cleaning in the future. 

Are there any Warranties and Exchange Policies?

Engagement rings are pricey and knowing the warranties and exchange policies can make you feel secure that your money will not go to waste just in case there are issues after purchasing them. Warranties serve as security for customers when they purchase an item, so buying a diamond engagement ring from a shop that can give a good warranty and an exchange policy can be the best choice. 


These are just several of the questions to ask before buying a diamond engagement ring. Asking questions before purchasing can assure you of your purchase and be able to know who among the sellers can give you a good offer. Plus you can get the best quality of a diamond engagement ring with few worries since you have done your part before making the purchase.