Picchiotti makes jewelry even more exciting with new Reversible Xpandable collection

Picchiotti makes jewelry even more exciting with new Reversible Xpandable collection

1 of the most perfectly-known companies in the jewellery town of Valenza is Picchiotti. Proven 55 many years back, they are acknowledged worldwide for their magnificent jewelry. Last week they released their new and somewhat interesting selection: the Reversible Xpandable™ collection. 

Picchiotti responded to the pricey would like of lots of girls who adore to dress in their jewelry extra frequently. Their new patent-pending engineering allows Picchiotti to build remarkable pieces that suit each girl (or male, let us keep an open intellect- we see so several adult males sporting pieces of jewellery at the time only considered of for women).

Picchiotti is known for its excellence in jewellery producing, and they are recognised for utilizing amazing gemstones only. This jewellery model takes advantage of modern-day engineering to give its basic jewellery creations an interesting twist. The Xpandable collection caught my eye mainly because it resolved the big dilemma jewelers and jewellery manufacturers confront: size. The Xpandable does precisely what the title indicates, so a ring or bracelet fits nearly everyone. 

With the new Reversible Xpadable assortment, the wearer can now simply just flip the jewel and have a distinctive appear. Working day or night time, mix it with your outfit, or merely playfully dress in it as you be sure to. With a very simple flip, you transform the diamonds on the exterior, have a white stone bracelet or a black gemstone bracelet, and so on.

This form of versatility is what shoppers really like. Picchiotti listened well to the market place. Their edition of personalized jewelry is solely in line with their high specifications and common twist. 


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