Perfume fans are using online fragrance finder tools to sniff out their new scent

With Christmas approaching many people will be buying perfumes and fragrance gift sets for their loved ones.

But as online shopping continues to be on the up, shoppers are using online fragrance finder tools to find their new favourite scents.

Jonny Webber from says: “The pandemic has fuelled a bit of a perfume obsession in the past 12 months.

“Not only have we turned to fragrance to lift our spirits, we have also become a lot more tuned into to our favoured scent notes and fragrance types, making us more confident in buying perfumes without trying them on.”

If you’re looking to switch up your fragrance for the new season, follow this five-step guide by

Know your preferred fragrance notes

The first step to choosing a new scent is to understand what types of fragrance notes you prefer as chances are there will be similarities in some of the notes across your favourite perfumes. This will give you a good starting point when picking out a new one and when inputting your data into any online tools.

As a rule, the five main types are Floral, Woody, Oriental, Fruity and Fresh with each effect brought out by different combinations of fragrances.

You can find out all about fragrance notes by looking at the famous Fragrance Wheel, originallylly created by Michael Edwards.

Fresh scents, like Davidoff Cool Water, generally rely on aquatic and citrus notes, whereas warm scents like DKNY’s Be Delicious use more florals and juicy fruit scents.

It may be that you prefer a number of different notes – chances are these will sit next to or opposite each other on the fragrance wheel and make up the top, middle and base notes of your favourite scents.

If you are looking for a new fragrance for autumn/winter then you might want to pick out a scent that is more warming and heavier than you would wear in the summer. Woody and oriental perfumes are a popular choice in the colder months. Whereas fresh and water-based scents embody more of a summertime vibe.

Use an online fragrance finder

Perfume Direct’s new online Fragrance Finder asks you to answer a few questions (including your current favourite perfume and the scent note you prefer) to be served with a number of handpicked matches.

You can choose to be shown options that are similar to your favourite fragrance or something a little bit different. It’s also a great way to pick out a present for a friend or loved one – using their current favourite scent as a starting point.

Don’t be gender-specific

Unisex perfumes have been part of the mainstream for almost 30 years – since Calvin Klein launched CK One – however increasingly people are shunning whether a perfume is designed to be ‘male’, ‘female’ or unisex and just following their nose.

Remember – the key to finding a scent that you love are the notes and not the marketing. Male-orientated fragrances from Acqua Di Parma, Tom Ford, Creed and Dior are all extremely popular amongst women who are looking for something a bit deeper than traditional ‘female’ or unisex scents offer.

Jump on the miniature trend

Miniatures are really popular right now and this represents our new buying habits. Many brands will sell 4.5ml bottles of their signature scents – this gives you a great way of knowing if a fragrance is for you before investing in a larger bottle.

It is also a good way of growing your perfume collection and gives you the flexibility to wear a number of different scents for different occasions – just remember to stock up before you run out.

Sniff out a friend

If all else fails when it comes to finding your new favourite fragrance – you could try sniffing out a family member, neighbour or friend – taking inspiration from their preferred scent notes.

Research discovered that there are distinct regional trends in the scent notes that we prefer – and that we tend to opt for the same notes as those around us!

The data also revealed a definitive north and south divide when it comes to our favourite fragrances, with the north preferring floral and oriental scents while the south opts for citrus or woody notes.

For instance, in the North West, some of the most popular fragrances bought include Gucci Bloom and Marc Jacobs Daisy. In London, the most popular fragrances include Dior Sauvage and Tom Ford Black Orchid.