Party Like You’re Undead This Halloween With a Vampire Themed Costume Party

Party like You’re Undead this Halloween with inspiration from the classic Count Dracula or the modern Twilight series. The key to making this party work is carrying the theme through to the food, decorations, music and costumes.


Some of the first vampire movies were black-and-white and screened for audiences as early as 1931. Bram Stoker’s Dracula, with his black high-collared cape and protruding fangs became an iconic representation of what a vampire should look like. For a traditional themed vampire party, decorate with elegant red and black velvet, and turn the house into the lair of Count Dracula with a life-sized coffin and Gothic accessories.

Temporarily replace light bulbs with red bulbs to create a spooky atmosphere, and liberally apply cobwebs and hanging spiders or bats throughout the location. A big block of dry ice and the occasional track of dreary organ music will help set the stage.


To become one of the fashionable undead from the Twilight movies, the people will need pale make-up and some red eyes. Specialty retailers stock all the items needed for this popular outfit. Women can use the same premise, but add a hooded sweatshirt, shawl or cape to resemble one of the characters from the Eclipse movie.

Traditional vampire costumes can be made with long flowing capes and a formal suit. Add to this outfit a set of fangs, white face makeup and black nails, and remember to slick the hair back to round out the look. For women’s costumes consider wearing Gothic gowns and dark makeup. Another option is to copy the look of the beasts in the Van Helsing movie. In addition to making up the face, wear black knee-high lace-up boots, Renaissance blouses with bell sleeves, and a tight vest covered by a hooded cape for the right effect.


This is a time of year to get outrageously creative with your dishes. For appetizers and drinks follow the classic horror movie theme complete with dark cherry or black punch, which can be made with Kool-Aid and some food coloring. Be sure to include heavy red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon on the list of alcohol. Serve red-colored foods such as pico de gallo and salsa, meatballs in marinara sauce, and red velvet cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting for desert.

Leave no detail out and this will be an event everyone will remember.

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