My Armpits Are Like a Faucet – How to Stop Excessive Sweating

Do you feel like you could fill up a kitchen sink or even a bathtub with the amount of sweat that drips from your armpits each day? Are you frustrated with the sweat marks that are ruining your clothes and causing you embarrassment in public? Sweating can be extremely frustrating and annoying. While sweating is necessary in helping the body cool down, excessive sweating is a nuisance. If you find that you are sweating excessively, you might be suffering from a disorder called Hyperhidrosis. There are things you can do to help stop the leaky faucet in under your arms.

Go to the doctor: there is a product called Drysol that can only be prescribed by doctors. You apply it at night and you will see results after the second or third night. Your doctor can also suggest other medical alternatives to control your sweating.

Get the right deodorant: you need a deodorant that also has antiperspirant. It is the antiperspirant that controls sweating, while the deodorant control odor. So test out new deodorant/antiperspirants until you find one that works for you. You can also apply more than once during the day.

Change your diet: a simple change of your diet can help decrease how much you sweat. Eating healthier will help your body to function better and have better control over sweating.

Sweat pads: wear armpit sweat pads under your arms. These absorb sweat and reduce order and help protect your clothing from sweat stains.

Stop the leaky faucets. Follow the suggestions above and figure out what will work best for you in controlling your sweat. You do not have to live with excessive sweat affecting everything you do. There are solutions. Don’t let sweat keep you from enjoying life.

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