Mary Kay Cosmetics Scam Review – Can You Obtain Financial Freedom?

Mary Kay Cosmetics Scam Review – Can You Obtain Financial Freedom?

Mary Kay distributes skin care, cosmetics,  fragrance , spa & body, & Mens’ personal care products.

After 25 years in the direct selling business, Mary Kay Ash gave up her position as a national training director when another man she trained was promoted above her,  at twice her salary. In 1963 Mary Kay Ash introduced a  new path to women. So, with her past experience, her plan and $5,000 in savings, Mary Kay Ash and her 20-year-old son, Richard, created Beauty by Mary Kay. It was founded on the thought that  praising people as a means of success and on the principle of placing faith first, family second and career third. It was a company, as Mary Kay Ash said, “with heart.” 

Recognized today as Americas’ greatest woman entrepreneur., Mary Kay Ash, opened opportunities for women around the world while she built a multi billion dollar corporation. After forty-five years, of her people first philosophies, her Company grew and continues to touch peoples lives world wide. Since opening its first international venture in Australia in 1971, Mary Kay has expanded to more than 30 markets on five continents.

Mary Kay scientists use the most advanced skin care technology available to ensure that consumers get what they want. Their scientists regularly  review and consult with independent dermatologists and other medical experts around the world. In a typical year Mary Kay spends millions of dollars and conducts more than 300,000 tests to ensure that Mary Kay  products meet the highest standards of quality, safety and performance. Mary Kay does not conduct animal testing for its products and is a PETA pledge member.

Mary Kay World Headquarters is located in the town of Addison, a suburb of Dallas, Texas. Mary Kay develops, tests, manufactures and packages most of their own products at their state of the art plants in Dallas and China.  

Mary Kay has chosen a home based network marketing business as a means of bringing  its products to the  consumer. While many people have poor opinion of the network marketing industry, it is a real distribution method that when applied properly will create good results. Someone can join Mary Kay as a disributor and make money two ways. One through buying the product at resale and selling it at wholesale. The second  is by building an organization of people that in turn do the same. You then receive a percentage of the volume produced by your group.

The conclusion

Mary Kay is not a scam. Mary Kay is a solid company with a good product that can be marketed. If you have a desire to have product parties, recruit your friends and family, attend hotel meetings, attend home presentations, make cold calls, inventory product and think you have the ability to recruit hundreds into your business Mary Kay may be right for you.

On the other hand if you are looking for more internet based automated systems that do not require the calling and chasing your friends and family than Mary Kay is not right for you.

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