Makeup artist, 28, reveals how she lost 52kg without joining a gym

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A young makeup artist who spiralled into unhealthy eating habits after high school has shared how she dropped 52kg without stepping foot into a gym.

At the age of 21 Bianca Walpole, from Melbourne, tipped the scales at 117kg in 2014, as the weight slowly piled on after embracing a new found freedom of social eating after high school.

‘When I was younger and would go out with friends I wouldn’t drink alcohol but would eat a lot of fast food,’ Bianca, now 28, told FEMAIL.

Feeling unhappy and alone, her incredible weight loss journey began after attending an Isagenix IsaBody event where she was inspired by other men and women sharing their transformations.

‘I told myself I’m going to do that and that will be me one day,’ she recalled.

Isagenix IsaBody provides customers with a range of health and fitness options to support their goals, including a 16-week transformation challenge which Bianca took part in to kick-start her weight loss journey. 

In her late teenage years, Bianca weighed 75kg and enjoyed dancing as a form of exercise – which she no longer took part in after the excessive weight gain.

‘I had trouble with the simplest of tasks, from tying my shoelaces, getting up off the floor, walking up just a few steps without being out of breath, doing my hair and getting my favourite clothes over my shoulders,’ she said.

‘It was heartbreaking because I used to be this very flexible person and I wasn’t able to move like I used to.’

‘At one stage I attended an exotic chair dance class and ended up crying in the bathroom because I wasn’t able to do the moves correctly due to my size,’ she said. 

After setting a goal to drop down to her original weight Bianca tried a range of different exercise routines and diets, including keto and paleo, but nothing seemed to work.

‘I felt stuck because I found nothing was helping and there were no clear changes,’ she said. 

She decided to commit to the 16-week IsaBody challenge to completely change her diet and lifestyle. 

‘It was definitely an accountability challenge and is all about staying on track to achieve your goal,’ she said.

Isagenix provided Bianca with set meal plans and products, which she catered to her allergies and health troubles.

‘I’m vegan, celiac and have food allergies, but try to keep my diet interesting,’ she said.

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After the first 18 months of taking part in multiple challenges, Bianca shed the first 25kg simply by changing her diet and not exercising.

The remaining 25kg was lost over the following year by continuing her diet and working out at home.

Over seven years with Isagenix, Bianca has participated in 17 challenges and has noticed an exponential rise in her energy levels. 

‘IsaBody was the lighthouse during my dark times of health, helping to guide and support me back to life,’ she said.

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Feeling proud of herself for losing almost half her body weight, Bianca was able to share her new physique on stage at an Isagenix IsaBody event and now weighs 65kg.

‘The day I got to run on stage and share my story and have my picture taken was a dream come true!’ she said.

‘I went from the girl hiding at events at the very back to the girl on stage sharing her story and showing others what is possible! You couldn’t wipe that smile off my face!’

Bianca’s ‘Day on a Plate’  

Bianca said she has a specific diet as she is vegan, celiac and battles food allergies 

Breakfast – Isagenix shake and a banana

Mid-morning snack – protein balls, nuts and seeds

Lunch – soup with protein chips, rice and vegetables or a vegetables mix salad 

Dinner – vegetable patties with fresh or roasted vegetables

Evening snack – Isagenix mousse and seeds

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