Japanese women are looking to Korea for style inspiration

Although Japanese ladies admit being motivated by European and American vogue, it is Korean fashion, worn by K-pop icons, that is having the greatest impression on what women of all ages are donning on the streets of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

Japanese girls really do not care about French chic, Italian originality or New York polish simply because they want Korean type. According to a recent analyze carried out among the end users of the Rakuten-owned Rakuma marketplace application in Japan, Korean vogue is by far the most influential when it comes to the type of Japanese women, from all generations (or practically), ahead of the United States, France, Italy the United Kingdom, Spain and China.

The breakdown implies that more than 3 quarters of Japanese girls and youngsters aged 10 to 20 (77%) answered Korea to the question “Which country aside from Japan do you reference the most when it arrives to vogue?” Japanese females in their 20s (57%), 30s (36%), 40s (24%), and 60s (22%) also see Korea as a have to-have manner reference. Only individuals in their 50s location France at the leading of the list of most influential nations around the world in terms of design (23.5%), but Korea remains in the top 3 (21%). Take note that for Japanese females aged 10 to 40, it is the United States that gets next put in the rating.

For Japanese males, design references occur straight from the United States, and this for all age groups with at the very least 40% of votes. In 2nd place is Korean vogue for the youngest, the 10 to 20 year-olds (29%) and the 20 to 30 calendar year-olds (14%), when Italian model will take 2nd put for Japanese adult males aged 30 and more. And when questioned to identify the most inspiring superstars when it will come to fashion, guys stated Japanese singer Takuya Kimura, then K-pop team BTS, as very well as Japanese comedian George Tokoro.