How to Neutralize the Strong Perfume Odor

An overpowering perfume can leave a lingering stench on the skin or clothing. If the strong smell of perfume doesn’t evaporate by itself, it may be necessary to take more drastic action. Here are several effective methods to tone down the undesired strong smell of perfume:


An overdose of perfume on the wrist or similar body area is easily removed. Soak cotton wool with a light rubbing alcohol mixture and apply to the area of the skin where the perfume is causing an issue. Alternatively, it is also possible to use white vinegar or witch hazel pads. A cleansing solution like vinegar is quite fragrant itself, but this will soon fade in time. Once dry, the skin should be free of the previous overbearing smell.


If a strong smell of perfume is left on the clothes after a night out, it can easily be cleaned with a cycle through the washing machine. A very persistent or lingering smell is more efficiently removed by including a ½ cup of white vinegar to the rinsing cycle. It may also benefit use a second dryer sheet. The smell of vinegar isn’t likely to stay on the items of clothing once the washing cycles are complete.

For the clothes that aren’t suited to running through the washing machine, it may be necessary to have them cleaned by the specialist dry cleaners. An alternative option includes hanging the article of clothing to see if the smell slowly dissipates by itself. Also, try using a spray bottle with a white vinegar solution to help with clearing the perfume smell. When the mist of white vinegar starts to dry, it will take most of the strong fragrant smell with it.


A carpet can absorb the spilt perfume much like a sponge. But with the right household products it is possible to clean the carpet to a high-standard. First try to soak up as much perfume using a thick kitchen or paper towel. Try to avoid scrubbing the perfume since this will just spread it across a larger area. Carpeting is best cleaned with a natural deodorizer like white vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with a 50-50 solution of vinegar and water and apply to the affected carpet area. If this doesn’t offer the desired results, a further option is to sprinkle baking soda on the carpet. Leave this in place for at least 24 hours.

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