How to Mind Control a Person – 5 Methods to Control Minds Without Using Hypnosis

How to mind control a person? Be honest, that’s a question that’s crossed your mind at least occasionally. But before we start, let’s be clear that we’re not talking about brainwashing someone here. Just doing enough to be able to control the direction their mind takes so that we’re in control of at least that portion of their mind. Let’s leave the total control of minds to science fiction movies!

1. Be an authority figure

It’s so much easier for authority figures to control our minds. We just plain believe them, no matter how much our minds know that they don’t know much, if anything, more than we do. Otherwise those actors in white coats pretending to be doctors wouldn’t influence us to buy their brand of pain killer. Even though it’s identical to the shop brand in everything except price.

2. Emotional blackmail

Moving swiftly on to the nasty stuff here! We learn this from a very early age – children cry to get our attention and then weave their spell on us so that we buy them candy or the latest toy. But this doesn’t stop once we’re grown up. Emotional blackmail can be subtle or it can be subtle as a brick. It doesn’t matter. We all have emotional buttons that can be pushed and when that happens, the person doing the pushing is controlling out mind whether we realize it or not.

3. Expand the other person’s beliefs

This is probably one of the easiest ways to control someone’s mind. Slip a few things into the conversation that embellish ideas they’ve already got. People fixate on things anyway, so helping push that fixation a bit further is quite easy.

4. Expand the dream

Advertisements do this all the time – they expand our dreams. OK, almost no-one believes that they’ll “get the girl” just by applying a spray on deodorant (and the one guy who did believe it had his case thrown out of court) but that doesn’t stop advertisers playing on our dreams of being drop dead gorgeous to the opposite sex. We all believe dreams and fiction and we usually believe them quite easily, so this is a very simple form of mind control. And you don’t have to hypnotize your victim to get away with it.

5. Repetition

Say something often enough and chances are that you’ll start to believe it. It’s the basis of lots of self help methods – “fake it until you make it” – and it’s a surprisingly effective way of controlling someone’s mind. Teachers are good at this. They have their own subtle ways of putting you down, hewn to perfection by years of practice. And because they’re an authority figure. that just compounds out willingness to believe them. But you can do this without the benefit of being an authority figure. Keep taunting someone or saying something over and over and over again and their mind will start to believe you. Even easier if you can get a couple of friends or work colleagues to join in.

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