How to Choose a Snowboard | REI Co-op

Snowboarding can give people the adrenaline rush they crave, and that is why this sport is gaining popularity these days. However, while buying snowboards, it is essential to consider a few things. Since various models are available, people might get confused in picking the right board. For them, here is a handy guide that can help in choosing their new boards.

Select the Snowboard Wisely for Different Terrains

The place where a person is going for snowboarding and the type of snowboarding they wish to do can influence the shape and length of the boards they choose. Though experts can ride any board in any condition, beginners must understand that every snowboard is made to be used in a certain way, and that is why picking the correct product as per the terrain is very important!

Freestyle: These boards are usually short, lightweight, asymmetrical in shape, and have twin tips. The riders can make quick, sharp turns using them and have better board control while riding over long boxes and rails.

Freeride: These boards are best suited for riders who prefer to spend most of their time away from the groomed runs. They have a flex stiffer than freestyle boards and are generally directional, which means they have to be ridden with one end facing downhill.

All Mountain: All-mountain boards are designed to perform well in any condition anywhere on a mountain. Owing to their versatility, they are perfect for beginners who are yet to determine which terrain they prefer the most.

Split Board: Created primarily for backcountry exploration, split boards can separate into two halves to create two skis, facilitating climbing on untracked backcountry slopes. Climbing skins are attached to them for uphill walking, and they can be reconnected again to ride downhill.

Powder: These snowboards are ideal for soft and fresh snow. Many power boards feature a nose rocker, which keeps them from digging into the snow and helps them maintain an optimal float. Their sizes vary depending on whether they have a fish or swallowtail that can give the feel of surfing while riding.

Get the Right Sized Board for Better Experience

Buying the boards according to the size chart is a good idea. However, it is also imperative to consider the height, weight, and riding style as they can affect the final size. Both height and weight play a vital role in determining the board length. Heavyweight people might need to size up, and some might feel more comfortable with a slightly stiffer flex board. For beginners, it is better to choose slightly shorter boards as it makes learning and turning easier.

The Width of the Snowboard Also Matters

The width varies according to the rider’s boot size. While securing the bindings, it is necessary to ensure minimal overhanging of the boot heel and the toe. If the boot extends slightly over the edge, it can improve the leverage and control over the snowboard. A wide board is better suited to people with large feet. 

Summing Up

Choosing the right snowboard for all purposes is not easy and can take some time. However, since so many options are available in the market, it is possible to find the board that will perfectly suit the rider’s ability and style. Buying premium quality snowboards from a shop that deals with only the best brands can ensure the best buy as they always sport a vast selection of merchandise.