Four Fearsome Wolf Fancy Dress Ideas

Four Fearsome Wolf Fancy Dress Ideas

The wolf is such a feared and respected animal – fearsome in packs, and when it descends on its prey. While they are also intelligent and cunning hunters. The wolf fancy dress costumes out here are varied and brilliant – making some of the best costumes for any Halloween, or fancy dress, parties any time. Here are some of the best wolf costume ideas:

1. Werewolf Costume
Of course the most famous wolf costume has to be the werewolf, the terrifying beast that emerges on a full moon to hunt and kill in an unstoppable killing frenzy! You can have a lot of fun with a good werewolf fancy dress costume.

You need some really ragged clothes, which look like you have just doubled in size and ripped your way out of them. The key is the mask and the claws – you want a convincingly scary werewolf face with enormous jaws and sharp teeth. And to go with this some great big furry werewolf hands with claws that look dangerous.

2. Wolf Costume
The straight out wolf costume is more of a wolf that walks on hind legs like a man, and can be a lot of fun. For this you are going to need an actual body suit to really pull it off. Lots of black fur and a big old wolf’s head with barred teeth, bloody maw and bloodshot eyes ideally.

3. Little Red Riding Hood Wolf
This is the classic wolf of fairy tale that every child knows of. You can either have the standard wolf costume to pull this one off. Or to make it 100% clear, dress up in a knighting gown, with a wolf’s face and claws! As in the story the wolf pretended to be Riding Hood’s grandmother. This whole effect is very funny, and scary too, if it’s a scary enough costume.

4. Wolf King
This one is classic – you want to play the crazy wolf king of the hills. A hairy, half man half wolf. Covered in furs and wearing furs, and with a face far too hairy to be human. Get some sort of staff and when people ask you what you are shout: ‘I am the wolf king!’ and say no more.

It’s hard to make a wolf costume but not impossible. The hardest part is the mask, which needs to be convincing – because of the elongated face a wolf has, it’s tricky to try and make up this one. If you rent or buy a wolf mask you can probably make the rest out of furry cloth and other similar thing.

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