Flying Hobos

Flying hobos, that is what it has come down to for the frequent flyers. We have become a disgusted group of stinky, ungroomed, ugly, thirsty travelers – no deodorant, toothpaste, cologne, cosmetics, shaving cream and lotion…plus, no water.

This is homeland security? How ridiculous! Obviously, this is another display of our government’s brilliant reactive policies. For once, could they be proactive and have some common sense?

Growing up in the hobo capital of the world, Britt, Iowa, I recognize the similarities between the flying hobos and the real hobos that hop the traveling freight trains. Every August, the hobos descend on Britt for the National Hobo Convention for the crowning of their new King and Queen.

The hobos parade the streets from their floats throwing candy and trinkets. Later, they gather in the city park for the crowning coronation and endless pots of Mulligan stew. Hmm…come to think of it, they are treated like royalty compared to current airline travelers.

On a recent cross country flight, I was so thirsty by the time the flight attendant arrived with the drink cart, I requested two drinks. I was given a dirty look and a miniature bag of pretzels. I didn’t care and placed my order one more time!

Why wouldn’t I be thirsty? I was instructed to arrive several hours early for TSA security processing and not allowed to bring water with me. I was not going to pay the outrageous price the concourse food court was charging for a beverage. Makes me think they are in collaboration with TSA.

I have a solution to our security problems. First, have paper booties available for passengers to wear on their feet when walking on the nasty floor through the TSA security machine. Second, have a TSA gift bag of safely packaged toiletries and bottled water waiting on the other side of the TSA security check point for each passenger. Third, have TSA plastic locking ties available at the check-in counter for bags that do not have TSA locks. If TSA locks are used, by all means, there is no excuse to cut the lock off!

We the people would like to take back our country. The United States of America was built on freedom, not control. Our human rights are in gross violation. Common sense and logic must take precedence over created fear, misinformation and reactive policies. We are tired of being humiliated and want our voices heard.

After all, we do not want an embarrassing country full of flying hobos!

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