Essentials for Your Promotional Model Emergency Kit

Essentials for Your Promotional Model Emergency Kit

Must Have’s:

In the very least, make sure you always have these few things!

  • Pain killer: Ibuprofen, Tylenol, whatever usually helps you. You never know when a headache will spring up right at the beginning of a shift… and in a loud bar at that!
  • Safety Pins: These little guys can do just about anything! Use it to make a regular bra into a racer-back. Pin a lose uniform, or a broken shoe strap. They have a million uses! *Pro tip: Bring a few sizes of pins for different needs.
  • Band-Aids: Whether it’s a betraying shoe giving you blisters, or a mishap with a chair or table, or even a last minute tattoo cover up… always have band aids! You might just save a fellow model’s night, if she needs one too!
  • Nail glue/ Eyelash glue: I’m a firm believer that when I DON’T have glue is exactly when I lose a nail or strip of eyelashes. Working with missing nails or eyelashes is tacky, unprofessional, and ultimately embarrassing!
  • Deodorant/Lotion/Body Spray: You never know when you might need to freshen up, or notice your legs could use an extra application of lotion. Sometimes we work long hours; we want to be as fresh as a daisy all day and night!
  • Make Up/Lipstick/Hairspray/Makeup Blotting Wipes/Your Personal Essentials: While you should always show up looking stellar, keep in mind life is constantly out to get you and your cuteness! Humid weather and rain may frizz your hair, or sweating on a golf course could make makeup run or your face look greasy. Being prepared for touch ups will help you not sweat the small stuff (pun intended!)

Expert Level Preparedness:

While you might not need these items as often, with your bag fully rounded out, you’ll be set for ANYTHING!

  • Extra Shoes: There is literally NOTHING worse than breaking a heel. Throw in some extra shoes! Even if you just need to change halfway through the night because of blisters, you’ll be happy to have them!
  • Instant Stain Remover Pen (Like a Tide-To-Go pen): This one has really saved me while working in crowded bars. If someone spills something on your uniform, just slip off to the bathroom… Tide pen to the rescue!
  • Black Tank Top/White Tank Top: You might think having your uniform is enough, but you NEVER know what might happen! Having a nice, plain tank top can save the day!
  • Nude Bra Adjustable to Any Apparel: Invest in a work bra that can be worn multiple ways: racer-back, strapless, halter. If you end up with a sudden uniform change, you’ll be prepared! No one looks great with bra straps showing!
  • Feminine Products: Even if you don’t expect to need them, ALWAYS have them. This one, again, can really save another model in need as well! We can always help a sister out!
  • Battery Charger for Your Phone: Battery packs are now slim, lightweight, and rather inexpensive. There is nothing worse than being out with a phone that is dead, and you might forget to check your battery level before leaving the house.

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