Dry Penis Skin – Causes and Treatment

Dry penis skin can be caused by a number of reasons according to medical experts, such as sexual activity, an allergic reaction to latex, and in some cases sexually transmitted diseases, eczema, and psoriasis or skin cancer.

However, the most common cause of dry penile skin is as simple as friction. This may be caused by masturbating without a lubricant, clothing rubbing on the penis, or sensitive penile skin being irritated during sexual intercourse.

Therefore before you begin to worry about the more serious conditions, such as STD’s or skin cancer, that could be drying your skin consider using a process of elimination, and possibly using a special penile skin moisturizer.

Here are some simple dry penis skin solutions for you to try, before you consult your doctor:

Consider changing your soap to one that is for sensitive skin;

Try using a different brand of washing powder or detergent for your clothing;

Use a fabric softener if you are not currently using one, or change the brand you use to one that is for sensitive skin;

Consider wearing underwear that is made from different material. For example, if you wear satin g-strings or boxers you may like to try cotton ones;

If you wear no underwear then start wearing some;

Buy a special penis moisturizing product that soothes and revitalizes penis skin, and is formulated especially for your penis. This product should contain vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants that are penis skin specific so that your penis skin is nourished and able to rejuvenate;

Change your brand of condom, if you use them during sexual intercourse;

Buy a lubricant that you can apply before, and during sex, to prevent penis skin irritation;

Wash your hands before and after touching your penis;

If you use a body-wash then stop using this;

Consider changing the brand of your genital deodorant, or any hygiene products that you use;

If you have a penis piercing, remove the ring and see if this makes a difference to the condition of your skin. You may find that you have an allergic reaction to the metal found in the ring; and

If you swim regularly in a chlorinated pool or at the beach, then maybe you need to consider protecting your penis skin with a water-repelling ointment or cream before swimming to prevent the chemicals or salt getting on your penis.

Work your way through this list systematically, trying one solution after the other, until you find the right solution for you, or until you have tried them all. Give each solution a minimum of two to three days and up to a week to work before trying the next solution. And, if after trying these simple solutions you still find that you have dry penis skin, then it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor.

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