Different types of shoes

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Foot pain affects one in every five Australians. One of the significant reasons for foot pain is wearing ill-fitting shoes. It can lead to damage to bones, nerves, tendons and ligaments. People should be aware that different tasks require different shoes. 

Using the right shoe can bring down many health-related issues. Several brands like nike in Australia have specific shoes for specific tasks. In general, shoes are an essential element in many people’s homes. They provide comfort and convenience in one’s daily livfe and significantly affect health. 

The human foot is the second most important organ in the body. According to studies, it is estimated that the impact of footwear is more significant than that on the head, heart, or kidneys. It has been estimated that the feet are responsible for more than 90% of the body’s respiration and that 20% of body heat is generated by the feet. 

The feet are also responsible for the body’s movement and the blood circulating through the body. Thus, it is essential to take care of the feet and protect them. There are several tasks- specific shoes to know. 

Running shoes

The increase in foot pain and the awareness of musculoskeletal health have led to many options in running shoes. Many studies support the idea that specific characteristics of running shoes are responsible for improved running patterns. Best running shoes must help the user run freely and protect from injury. Light-weighted shoes, minimal heel-to-toe drop, wide toe box, and cushioning are essential features of the best running shoes.

Casual walking shoes / Fitness walking shoes

Walking shoes are stiffer than running shoes. The main difference lies in cushioning and flexibility. The degree of cushioning is more in walking shoes. Extra cushioning makes it more rigid, heavier, and less flexible. However, fitness walking shoes have less cushioning than running shoes but more cushioning than casual walking shoes.

Crossfit gym shoes

Cross-fit gym shoes are a good investment. It is a shoe with a rigid sole and an arch that stretches to a cross-section shape. The midsole is firm enough to support activities like box jumps, squats, etc. 

A Crossfit gym shoe can have a wide, flat, flexible arch. The shoes are very comfortable and provide protection for the feet. They are made from highly durable material and are available for both men and women. They have a low profile which provides utmost comfort while exercising.


Sneakers have become a fashion statement. Many top brands like nike in Australia are manufacturing sneakers. It has become an everyday fashion accessory for many people. The sneakers are durable and easy to wear and are loved by many people. Comfort is the USP of sneakers. A comfortable shoe must assist in reducing the stress developed in the achilles tendon. 

For this, the shoe must be a suitable fit around the heel. The shoe’s heel collar must be tight, and the cushions should comfort the ankle. Removable souls are another favourable feature in a sneaker that can be removed to clean it. The sneaker’s best features are roomy toe boxes and streamlined groves and treads in the outsole.

Shoes are essential for increasing the fitness of the legs and, therefore, the quality of life and physical health. One needs to take care of the leg to avoid damage and pain. You can achieve fitness and fashion goals by making the right choice from the wide range of available options.