Dark Armpits – Stop Feeling Embarrassed By Your Dark Armpits And Get Rid Of Them

Dark armpits are no joke and they can spoil how you feel about yourself. For a long time I walked around hiding myself under clothes because I did not want people to see how dark my armpits were. I thought they would judge me and think less of me if they saw how dark my underarms were, because I believed that it was because I didn’t wash them properly.

So I started scrubbing my armpits to the point when they would hurt, and for a long time I thought that the dirt was stubborn. As time went by and there was no improvement in my armpits, I just felt even more ashamed because I felt they were a reflection of who I was and my hygiene practices.

If you have dark armpits, do not be like me. It is not because you are not practicing proper hygiene, even though that can play a role.

There are other reasons why some people like you and me suffer from darkened underarms. For me it was a combination of hyper pigmentation and hair that is left behind after shaving. What is causing your dark underarms? Maybe the deodorant you are using is not agreeing with your skin? Or maybe you had some sort of infection that affected your skin?

Whatever it is, the great thing is that there is a solution for your problem, just like there was for me.

Before you allow your self esteem to sink down even further and give away all your favorite sleeveless tops, I will tell you about two underarm whitening treatments that you can start using to get your skin lighter.

You have probably tried using skin lightening lotions and creams that were expensive but did not help you.

Relax, the treatment I am going to tell you about is affordable and natural, so you do not have to worry about damaging your skin or spending even more money trying out another skin whitening product.

Here are my 2 favorite dark armpits treatments that I like because I got the best results with them.

• Lemon
• Potato

To get rid of dark armpits you simply rub some lemon or potato on your armpits, and with consistent use or daily use, your armpits will start to lighten up.

There is really no reason to walk around feeling beat down as a result of your underarms looking darker than the rest of your skin.

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