Armpit Whitening – How To Get Rid Of Dark Armpits

Armpits get darkened by a number of factors which include but are not limited to the rubbing of clothes against armpits, lack of good hygiene, skin reacting to the deodorant that one uses, an infection and shaving the armpit.

For effective treatment on treating the dark armpits, it helps to know what is causing them to get dark. There a lot of treatments out there on offer, ranging from how expensive they are and how effective they are.

Some people opt for armpit peeling or underarm bleaching. The first method basically just peels off the outer skin of the armpits to expose a new one. Bleaching chemicals may need to be applied for maximum results.

A lot of people opt to purchase a bleaching cream or lotion over the counter, and this can work out great if you find the cream is the right one for their skin.

The best way by far to whiten dark underarms is to use natural skin lighteners. The reason behind this is because they are great for the skin, the chances of your skin reacting to them is virtually zero, as they are mostly fruit and vegetable derived.

With these, there is no chance of you damaging your skin even further and there are no side effects associated with whitening your armpits naturally.

Another great motivating factor for you to go natural is the fact that they have been proven to be effective and they are extremely affordable. For the most part, getting your armpits lightened does not require you to purchase anything expensive, most of the ingredients that you will need you will most likely find in your kitchen cupboard.

A method for whitening armpits that has proved effective is using honey, lemon and alum. You simply mix one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Once it is uniform, you apply it to your underarms. For the result to be effective, you should leave the mixture on for at least 20 minutes. After that, you just rinse it off with warm water. Then apply some alum.

Doing this consistently will definitely whiten your armpits and make you less embarrassed by them.

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