Are Sweating Feet Bothering You?

It can be a major hassle from people who suffer from it. Well believe it or not it can be fixed. Smelly feet are obviously caused by excessive feet sweating. This may be caused because of the footwear you wear. Your shoes may not allow air to circulate around your feet freely enough or your footwear may be too tight. This may also cause blisters as well. However there is a way to deal with the odour that is created.

Ways To Deal With Your Sweaty Feet

Changing your foot wear regularly will help. Don’t continuously wear the same shoes day in day out.

Wearing sandals. This will dramatically reduce foot odour as air is continuously circulating around our feet and even if they do sweat the air will evaporate the sweat in no time.

Specially designed shoes. There are shoes specially designed to allow extra air circulation around your feet. Eliminating your foot odour can be as simple as changing the make of footwear you wear.

Changing your socks throughout the day may help. This is because it will lessen the moisture on your feet. Also a fresh pair of socks will allow for more moisture absorption.

Using Deodorant. Did you know you can always buy deodorant for your feet?

Eating Healthy Food And The Right Foods. Some excessive sweat problems can be caused by overactive sweat glands this can be helped by eating the right food.

Smelly feet can be an embarrassing and a frustrating condition to have but it can be solved by using some of the above suggestions.

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