Alpha A314 Pheromone Review – What You Need to Know

Walking down on a street and looking at an odd couple do you often wonder how an average looking guy managed to get together with such a hot girl. Well that guy might have a secret that we are going to tell you about. This secret can change your life, your confidence level, and would make you as wanted as a hot chocolate amongst girls. The secret is pheromones.

Pheromones are chemical secreted in the bodies of animals, the smell of which tends to attract the opposite sex of same species. Over a period of evolution of human beings, the faculty of discerning the smell of these pheromones have become subdued while these pheromones continue to work at subconscious level. These pheromones are present in sweat of the bodies and their production is highest during teenage years. With age, the pheromone production declines and the use of artificial scents like perfume, deodorant and cologne may suppress the pheromones. Modern science has now recognized the importance of pheromones and scientists have been able to isolate the ingredients responsible for actions of pheromones and make them available to public use.

One of the best selling pheromone products is Alpha A314 for men. This excellent pheromone offers the benefits of almost nine active ingredients. Due to so many varieties of ingredients, Alpha A314 for men is also capable to inducing various types of effects. This revolutionary pheromone product has small amounts of Androstenone combined with eight other pheromones to give maximum possible effect in one dose. It comes in a 10ml bottle with 6667 micrograms of pheromones in that.

Androstenone is a derivative of testosterone, the male sex hormone. It induces an aura of superiority and dominance. Females tend to look up to a male whom she thinks is superior to her. Androstenone however, when used alone has couple of drawbacks like when used in quantities even slightly higher than prescribed, can cause bad odor and increased aggression. This is where the advantages of Alpha A314 for men come. Alpha A314 for men induces all the positive effects of all the pheromones present in it while negating their negative effects.

Very easy to use, all you have to do is to apply Alpha A314 for men at your cadence points (i.e. points in the body that emit heat like your temples, arm pits, cheeks or inner wrists or behind the ears.) These points tend to heat up most quickly to transmit the pheromone signal of the wearer to the people around him. To get the maximum benefit from Alpha A314 for men pheromone you have to make sure that the dosage amount and the form is just right for your need. If you are a first time user of Alpha A314 for men pheromone, then consider starting with 1-2 droplets while going out and then you can increase the amount to 7 droplets.

To have an accurate measurement of what a droplet is, use the directions given on the bottle.

You can use pheromones not just to attract and be noticed by woman of your dreams, but also to demand respect and be looked up in your peer circle at work.

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