A Few Things About Wheatgrass Juice You Probably Didn’t Know

There are many people who think that wheatgrass juice is simply a health drink that you can take shots of for energy and nutrients. The truth is, there are books filled with long lists of uses and applications. From its health benefits detoxifying from addictions, tooth decay, sore throat, skin problems, constipation, improving blood sugar, high-blood pressure and breathing. There are countless documented uses for this powerful healing juice.


Some of the early methods of healing with wheatgrass juice were very simple and natural. The instructions would direct a person to lay down a small amount of the pulp from wheatgrass juice and place the wet leafs on the area of the body that was diseased, scarred or irritated. Others uses would include chewing the grass for some time before spitting out the pulp. Today we now know that there is much scientific reason behind this method of healing.

Wheatgrass juice contains the living blood of plants and sprouts; it is full of the energy that all living things thrive on. This plant blood is referred to as chlorophyll, and it has an effect of rebuilding the bloodstream of humans as well as other mammals. There have even been a large number of studies that were conducted on different types of animals, and they all have shown without a doubt that the plant blood chlorophyll is free of any sort of toxic or adverse reactions. However, many people find it has a strange or seemingly foreign taste; after all it is grass juice.

Deodorant Detox

Even with wheatgrass juice having what is a somewhat displeasing taste it does have some other benefits. The living chlorophyll of wheatgrass juice is just like an alovera plant. Its juices have the ability to wash drug deposits from the skin and from the body. This effect even works when wheatgrass is spread over the armpits covering the lymph system. This works as a marvelous deodorant that eliminates body odor.

In The Blood

When you take a shot of wheatgrass juice, you will taste the grass and the sweetness, and very quickly after you will often free changes happening in the body. Typically this is the chlorophyll purifying the liver. When it reaches the blood stream is improves the blood sugar levels. If the juice is gargled or simply held within the mouth, it will eliminate toothaches and over time can help prevent or even strengthen arrested tooth decay. At the same time other people will simply gargle it to remove a sore throat. It would seem that plant blood is good for the skin.

Skin, Hair And Bowels

So much so that there has been a number of guru recommending it for such skin issues such as psoriasis, as well as eczema. Dr. Patricia Linage from the University of Toronto speaks about people who regularly drink the juice and experience the loss of grey hair patches. She also has a number of articles that explain how great wheatgrass juice can be for people who suffer from constipation, and how the body reacts to it by keeping the bowels open due to its high concentration of magnesium. And this is the first thing on a long list of detoxifying effects people experience.

Drug Abuse And Acid Addiction

A new thing that is getting a lot of attention in the community is the phenomenon of people drinking wheatgrass juice and finding it dissolves scarring and damage to the lungs. Especially cigarette smokers and drug users who find that scars can form on the lungs from the various chemicals that people consume today. Many unnatural gasses and substances that are in the air can have an acidic effect of the avioli of the lungs. With wheatgrass juice the carbon monoxide is automatically removed because of the fact that plant blood naturally increases the amount of hemoglobin. This is very much in the same way that high blood pressure can be effectively be reduced by enhancing the capillaries that water, oxygen and minerals are delivered to. This also results in the body eliminating and dissipating all heavy metals from the cells of the body.

There have been many fads over the years as to what vegetables and fruits have detoxification affects on the human body. It has been said that one pound of wheatgrass juice can contain up to twenty-three or more pounds of vegetables like lettuce, celery, carrot, and spinach. Nutritionally, anyone can benefit from eating vegetables for detoxing from addictions, improving blood sugar and high-blood pressure, heal the teeth, skin and organs of the body. So wheatgrass juice is not just for taking shots, but also for rubbing over whatever ales you.

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