9 Beauty Editors Told Me the One Thing They’re Adding to Their Fall Routines

Fall is the perfect time to refresh your beauty routine. The temps are dropping, our wardrobes are getting cozier, and there’s that “new school year” feeling in the air. And while sometimes a complete Home Edit–style overhaul may be in order, often just one product swap can refresh your entire routine. But with so many options out there, it helps to have some professional guidance. So who better to share their favorite products for the season than the very people who get to test them out first for a living? I tapped beauty editors from Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Real Simple, and others (including yours truly—I couldn’t help myself) to share the products they’re relying on most this season. From brand-new launches to old favorites they’re rediscovering, you’re guaranteed to find your new go-to on this list. Read on to shop their fall must-haves and learn why they think you’ll love them too.

Lisa DeSantis, Deputy Beauty Director, Health and Real Simple

Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip ($19)

​​Tarte’s Maracuja Juicy Lip is a total sleeper hit for the brand, and I’m on a mission to change that. I’m super particular with lipsticks and glosses, but this formula strikes the perfect hybrid between pigment, hydration, and sheen. I’ve found myself telling everyone about this lately and have at least one shade (out of nine) in my bag at all times. Everyone that I’ve told about Juicy Lip has reported back that they’re equally in love with it—that’s when you know it’s good!” — DeSantis

Chloe Hall, Beauty Director, Elle.com

Rouje Lip Palette Les 4 Rouje Cream ($45)

“Fall is all about the beauty transition. Gorgeous leaves are changing and so is my routine. I’ve gone from the summer of no makeup, lip gloss, and go to a bit more of an effort with some moody creamy reds and pinks. My favorite lip-and-cheek (and everything, really—sometimes I put it on my eyes as shadow!) is the Rouje Lip Palette Les 4 Rouje Cream. The colors are like the perfect red wine list—you’ve got rosé pink to deep, full-bodied red. It’s super creamy and blendable and makes me look just a bit more touched up for any fall festivities that arise (drinking wine).” — Hall

Stephanie Saltzman, Beauty Director, Fashionista

Topicals Slick Salve ($16)

“Right now, I’m really into Topicals Slick Salve, a multitasking balm that sort of melts into skin, so it’s less thick and gluey-feeling than typical petrolatum-based ointment formulas. I’ve been using it on my lips, cuticles, to hold my brows in place—even as a shimmer-free highlighter on my cheek and brow bones for a super glowy, hydrated look. It’s a castor-seed and coconut oil base that’s spiked with peptides and amino acids for a real multi-benefit treatment, simultaneously moisturizing, soothing, and protecting skin and making it ideal for the transition into colder months. And I love that it comes in a super-well-designed slim but durable compact that’s also refillable.” — Saltzman

Ama Kwarteng, Beauty Editor, Coveteur

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Chroma Stix Makeup Pencils ($18)

“I’m all about wearing bold and pigmented hues along my lash line all year round, and I’ve been loving this liner from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I’ll be alternating between the deep blue and violet shades this fall. The creamy formula glides on without tugging, making it easy to create sharp and precise lines that last.” — Kwarteng

Andrea Lavinthal, Style and Beauty Director, People

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 Soothing Therapeutic Multi Purpose Cream ($16)

“This wins by default since it’s pretty much the only thing I’m using right now. Allow me to explain: I’ve been dealing with an annoying case of perioral dermatitis, which is a skin condition that’s triggered by anything from a change in weather to a new product and causes red bumps around the nose and mouth. The best thing to do is just use a gentle face wash and moisturizer until it goes away, but being a beauty editor, I just had to find a product for it. First, I tried my daughter’s diaper rash cream—yes, really. The zinc oxide actually calmed the irritation right away, but it also made me look like a mime. So I switched to this balm, which has a soothing combo of zinc, vitamin B5, and oatmeal and can actually be rubbed in. Now it’s the one and only star of my skincare ‘routine.'” — Lavinthal

Ariana Yaptangco, Senior Beauty Editor, Glamour

Em Cosmetics Cosmic Pearl Eyeshadow ($26)

“I’ve had the privilege to speak with Michelle Phan over my career, and she’s one of the smartest people I know (ask her about Bitcoin) but also makes incredible beauty products that are very intentional with ingredients and packaging. I love a shimmery eye, especially during the holidays, and this creamy formula is my new go-to. A little goes a long way, so if I want a subtle shimmer, I’ll apply a little bit with my fingertips. To amp it up, I’ll use a damp makeup brush. It makes a great base for dramatic smoky eyes, but it’s pigmented enough to wear completely on its own.” Yaptangco

Jenna Rosenstein, Beauty Director, Bazaar.com

Lolavie Glossing Detangler ($25)

“I recently started using Jennifer Aniston’s Lolavie Glossing Detangler, and it’s given new life to my hair. I’m obsessed! As the weather gets colder, my hair can turn dry and frizzy. I mist this on after the shower and before heat styling. My hair feels soft and healthy and looks so shiny for the rest of the day. It also smells amazing. It’s a small step that’s made a huge difference in my hair’s health.” — Rosenstein

Annie Blay, Associate Beauty Editor, The Zoe Report

Summer Fridays Cloud Dew Oil-Free Gel Cream Moisturizer ($42)

“Despite the name of the brand, I couldn’t wait to incorporate the Summer Fridays Moisturizer into my skincare routine for fall. I have oily skin, so I tend to skip the moisturizer step in favor of a moisturizing sunscreen in my regime, but now that temperatures are dropping, my skin is in need of a moisturizer that’s light enough to keep my oily skin in check but thick enough to keep my skin hydrated all day against the dry winter climate of New York. This cream-gel hybrid couldn’t be more perfect.” — Blay

Samantha Sasso, Beauty Editor, Branded Content, Popsugar

Haus Laboratories Limited Edition Love for Sale Shadow Palette ($48)

“I enjoy most of the products from Haus Laboratories, but I specifically squealed when I saw the Love for Sale palette. I can always trust that if anyone is going to make pigmented shadows that don’t budge, it’s Lady Gaga, and this new launch doesn’t disappoint. While all 18 shades are impressive (some are even named after Gaga and Tony Bennett’s favorite singers, like Etta James and Amy Winehouse), it’s one extra-special shade, Do I Love You, that serves as the cherry-on-top sparkle shimmer to any look. In short, expect me to use it on every occasion, and non-occasion, from now until 2022—or at least until her next palette comes out.” — Sasso

Lindy Segal, Freelance Beauty Writer and Editor

T3 AireBrush Duo Interchangeable Hot Air Blow Dry Brush ($180)

My turn! T3’s new two-in-one blowout brush might finally be the thing that gets me to style my hair. (That sound you heard was my mother rejoicing.) It comes with both round and wide brush heads and has different heat and speed options so you always have control over your look. And even though I know exactly zero styling techniques, I was super impressed with how easy it is to use. All you do is let your hair dry 80% of the way and then swap it in for a shiny, frizz-free finish—it basically does all the work itself.

Meanwhile, these skincare-makeup hybrids are basically all I wear on my face these days.

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