6 Factors to Consider Before Buying Plus Size Activewear

Tried & tested: Our guide to the best plus size activewear which look and  feel good | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

Gone are the days when the beauty and fashion industry would idealise the zero figure. Today, multiple brands adhere to body inclusivity and launch plus-size clothing. 

You can easily find your apparel choice with a 4.8% average market growth between 2017 and 2022. Simply search “plus size activewear Australia” online, and see various web results pop up. 

However, it is vital to consider the type of product you buy. You don’t want to end up with a flimsy piece of fabric that gets torn or loses colour after a single wash. 

Here are six things to check before you complete your garment shopping! 

Proper Support

When you buy a sports bra, support is the main factor you should consider. Doing so will ensure that you don’t feel conscious and get better movement during the workout. 

One way to check it is by jumping or running around after you have received your product. Also, check for the testimonial videos uploaded by the brand on their official website. 

Breathable Fabric

The quality of fabric you are purchasing should be top-notch. Always go for breathable, light fabric that does not feel too constrictive while exercising. 

Additionally, ideal gym clothing should absorb all your sweat. Here, one important point to note is that it should not start feeling heavier or restricting your movement with time. 

Easy to Wear 

Don’t go for something that requires external help or a lot of time to get it. If the cloth fits you right, you will be able to wear it without any hassle. 

If your garment is tough to put on and remove, you will psychologically avoid wearing it. Therefore, choose something that you can change in an instant. 

Skin Contact

Chafing of body parts is a well-known problem. If not dealt with, friction between the inner thighs can cause a prickly burning sensation. 

Therefore, you should pick shorts or leggings that prevent extra skin contact. As a result, your body will have better circulation and face less fatigue. 

Colour and Design

No one says that you should stick to the same boring clothes daily. Gym wear has plenty of fashionable elements that you can choose from. 

Pick your preferred style of t-shirt, tank, leggings, shoes, and more. With the growth of the plus size activewear industry, there is a wide variety of colours and designs for you to choose from.

Online Reviews

When you search “plus size activewear Australia,” you will find many brands to purchase from. However, it is essential to check user reviews posted on the official website before making the final purchase. 

If you are sceptical about paid reviewers, you can always go through their social media handles. During the process, you are bound to get a general idea about how well a product is perceived in the market. 

Final Words

With the initiation of the body inclusivity movement, you can now see plus size representation proliferating. Magazine covers are no longer reserved for people adhering to societal beauty standards. 

As a result, various companies now sell gym wear in all sizes. You can look up “plus size activewear Australia” on your phone and find a stream of results popping up. 

However, you must be careful when it comes to buying sportswear. Always check the fabric quality and size before making the final purchase.