5 Most Popular Types of Gowns

The Five Most Common Types of Dresses the Wealthy Wear

Whether you are planning to dress for a wedding or simply looking for formal wear or an evening dress, the choice must be correct. And when it comes to dresses, there are many choices depending on the occasion and your taste. However, gowns can fit the occasion if you choose them wisely. From attending a prom to formal events and weddings, the long dresses have been a popular choice for centuries. 

Although they have been a mark of wealth and elitism before, now they are available to everyone. And with the recent growth in the fashion market, it has become even easier to get the right apparel of your choice. So, here are the top five choices if you want to buy a gown and turn heads:

1. Evening Gown

The evening gown is perfect for semi-formal black-tie and white-tie events. This includes formal dinners, dances, charity balls, and wedding receptions. It is also suitable if you plan to dress up for any special occasion. Meanwhile, the dress is made up of expensive fabrics and flaunts beautiful decorative details. And you are sure to get a lot of glances from the onlookers when you wear an evening gown. 

2. Sheath Gown 

The sheath gown has a design similar to the mermaid gown, except for the bottom. And while the mermaid gown tends to expand outwards at the bottom, the sheath gown has a very streamlined silhouette. 

There is no flare between the waist and hem, which gives you a tapered look. And this is an excellent option for women with hourglass shapes or petite bodies. However, you can wear this even if you have a rectangular body shape.

3. Bouffant Skirt Gown 

The bouffant skirt gown or simply bouffant gown resembles a hoop skirt. It often comes with an included petticoat or hoop support underneath the full skirt of the gown. And due to the full skirt, this gown has a very puffy appearance and can make your waist appear much smaller. 

It is made up of dreamy tulle fabric and has many layers for a dreamy look. This gown, however, is mainly suited for a bride because of its grand appearance.

4. Mermaid Gown 

The mermaid gown, also known as the trumpet gown, is another type of wedding dress with a tight-fitting design. The skirt of the gown has a very tight fitting toward the hips and thighs but provides more flare at the knees. Meanwhile, various fabrics are attached to make this type of gown. 

This long dress is perfect for women with broad shoulders and will balance your top half to give you an hourglass shape. And the best part is that this dress works with any sleeve length and neckline. 

5. Modified A-Line Gown

The modified A-Line Gown is just another variation of the A-line skirt or dress. It fits tightly at the hips, gradually widening towards the hem, and gives you the shape of the letter A, thus the name. However, compared to a traditional A-line, this dress fits better. And if you have a shapely waist and toned belly, you can proudly flaunt that with the help of this dress. Those with a strawberry-shaped or rectangular body can wear it too. 

The gown is a mark of class and elegance and can uplift your appearance for any occasion. That is why you must choose the right one that fits the event and flaunts your body. As such, the above few styles of gowns are the most popular ones for a good reason. Not only do these styles suit most women, but they also fit most occasions. However, save this list and try to keep a single piece of each style in your wardrobe for those special moments.