3 Men’s Shopping Guide to Dress Belts and Other Belt Accessories

Men's Belts Guide & How to Choose the Right Belt – Suits Expert

If you choose your belts wisely, you may significantly impact your appearance and personality. Men’s dress belts and holding your trousers in place may offer an exquisite finishing touch to your attire. In this post, you’ll discover how to use belts with different clothes, including formal dress, jeans, shorts, and chinos. In the following paragraphs, you will  go over some considerations that you should keep in mind while shopping for a belt among the finest belt companies.

Men’s belt sizing tips: how to choose the right one

A guide to the best dress belts for men These belts are best when you need a belt for an official event, such as at a wedding reception, business conference, or for a more formal appearance. The following are some guidelines and standards for selecting a high-quality formal belt or Dress belt:

Narrow Strap

A dress belt’s strap is important. One to two inches broad is typical. When shopping for a belt, you may also use the thumb rule. Straps should not be wider than your thumb’s first knuckle. Belts with a lustrous texture in black or dark brown are ideal. It is possible to get a classy appearance with the help of this sort of belt.

Belts for men that are worn casually are a controversial fashion choice. With jeans or shorts, many individuals wonder what kind of belt they should wear to match. These belts may be used with jeans, shorts, and other fashionable trousers, such as khakis. In addition, they look terrific with both casual and athletic footwear. Below are the essential tips you must remember.


In terms of buckles, you may choose from various styles, such as a tongue buckle, double-ring, or auto-lock and snap. The cooler you seem, the more weight or size you have.


A leather or cloth strap is appropriate for a casual belt. These are fun and vibrant, perfect for a day out. No more than 1.5 inches of strap width is considered excessive. For a more informal style, go for a brown or tan leather belt that is matte, rough, and ornamented.

Some helpful advice on purchasing a belt 

  1. If you want to present yourself professionally, match your belt to the colour scheme of your clothing and shoes.
  2. The colours of shoes and belts might be a terrific match if they match.
  3. If you’re dressing up, go for a thin strap and down for a broad strap.
  4. Buckles are a classic accessory.
  5. The cloth belt should not be worn with formal attire.
  6. As a general rule, you should get the bigger size if you’re between 32 and 34 inches.
  7. With five holes, your waist should be aligned with one of the fifth holes.
  8. Leather is better than a synthetic belt since it won’t destroy your whole look.

An important consideration when purchasing a belt is the colour’s impact on your appearance and style. Buying a belt in the same colour as your shoes is essential. Here is an excellent piece of advice. A formal belt with a basic buckle of regular size and a thin strap is a good choice if you can only afford one belt. You may get it in black, brown, and tan colour options. You should go for a glossy finish instead of a matte one. Avoid synthetic men’s dress belts since they appear cheap and might detract from your overall appearance. A basic leather belt with a simple buckle never goes out of style.